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What Is The Endocrine System?

What Is The Endocrine System?

Hormones are the messengers with chemicals that get released into the blood stream. The hormones cause action in the targeted organ. Although these hormones go throughout the body, only target cells with the right receptors are ready to respond to the specific hormones.

Did you know that over 50 hormones have been identified in humans and other vertebrates?

That is definitely much more than just sex hormones!!!!

Toxic Plastics - How To Avoid Them?
Chemical Minimalism Everything We Have Pam Schmidt

Toxic Plastics – How To Avoid Them?

Tips To Avoid Toxins in Plastics

Limit your exposure to BPA and BPS with a few mindful actions:

Tips To Avoid Toxins In Plastics:
Avoid plastic water bottles and opt for glass or stainless steel reusable bottles Store your food in reusable glass or stainless steel containers. Use glass bakeware instead of silicone, plastic, aluminum, and non-stick

  • Avoid plastic-lined paper cups – carry a reusable coffee cup of your choice Make your coffee in a glass french press or traditional coffee machine, skip K-cups Avoid aluminum soda and beverage cans Avoid buying plastic-packaged food.Limit using canned food. Limit/avoid touching receipts, can linings, plastic products, plastic food wrap.
  • How Fragrance and Emotions Interact?
    Chemical Minimalism Everything We Have Pam Schmidt

    How Fragrance and Emotions Interact?

    Let’s look at some ways healthy fragrance can affect emotions:
    Fragrance boosts your confidence
    Fragrance brings about a positive impression
    Fragrance stimulates emotional effects in the brain
    Fragrance is also known to prompt soothing, sensual stimulation, and healing processes

    This is a light version of how truly natural, organic fragrance can work with emotions.

    Natural is the important word here.

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    Feminine Polarity and The Golden Rule

    We are on the topic of feminine polarity, and I have noticed something.

    I’m about halfway through both Fascinating Womanhood, and The Judgement Detox and I’m noticing something.

    I want to be treated this way too.

    It’s not asking for a manipulative “pretentious act” to earn love from a husband.

    It’s asking for the golden rule. Allow me to let you into my head on the golden rule and why I can see that feminine energy (and also feminine polarity – which is different, but related) is directly connected with the golden rule.

    Bronwen Oehlschlager Everything We Have Feelings Buried Alive Never Die Redefining Reality

    Judgement. The Root of All Discord?

    When I study anything, or do anything at all, it’s because I got the soul nudge.

    There is a REASON why God nudges me to do and study things. That reason is because I have a desire to purge all of the impurities from my mind, heart, body, and life. I say “purge impurities” as if that’s the focus, but the real focus is love and enlightenment.

    Lately I heard Aaron Doughty suggest that it’s possible that being in a state (frequency) of enlightenment is simply being present.

    I think there’s something to that idea.

    Think about it. When you are meditating skillfully you reach purer and purer states of centered peace and in those moments of presence there is no judgement present in you.

    Meditation is a skill. It’s developed and you get better at it every time you do it. It’s about focus on being still inside. Just being still and knowing that God has you in his hands.

    No judgement. Just… still and safe and… right now.

    Bronwen Oehlschlager Everything We Have Redefining Reality

    Divine Feminine Energy (My Process?)

    My journey of faith to manifest a peaceful and joyful relationship with my husband has brought me through a journey of studying divine feminine energy, as well as masculine and feminine polarity (note that these things are RELATED but are very different things).

    It has shown me how much cartoons, sitcoms, and movies have influenced me as a child and carrying forward to despise certain feminine energy characteristics – and to despise the positive, polarizing effects that these characteristics have on a man to inspire him to be more positively masculine. This polarity which inspires men to the kind of courage that gives him power to be the heroes who would never cower when they saw a crime happening on the street.

    I was taught by media that men are controlling, stupid, easily manipulated, and overly sexual to the point of addiction and deviance. Not to be trusted.

    I was also taught this by experience from the time I was a toddler and was molested and brutalized by men, and then repeatedly beaten by a male child as a youth and nobody came to my rescue… there were no heroes in my mind.