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Men and women have different needs in relationships. We are built differently, have distinct roles that we share, and ways that we compliment each other.  When it comes to being in a relationship, we sometimes think that we want our partner to read our mind and speak the words we long to hear. But actually, the list of what women want in a relationship is simple. When we feel safe, we are more likely to open up and share our deepest thoughts with someone else, whether that is a girlfriend, or a spouse or partner.  How can we do that as someone who loves a woman?  Is there a secret?

Most women want simple but clear things, they just might not be able to communicate to you what they are. This list is meant to be a small insight into the female brain. Set aside time to read through this list, really think about ways you can allow her to feel some of these things, and I promise she will be more likely to open up to you more fully.  This isn’t a checklist so much as a secret map. 

So here is a little help… 3 things women want in a relationship

1. Women Want To Feel Loved, Pursued, and Cherished

Women want to know they matter and that what they do is important to someone. Because believe me, it’s important to her.  That is what a relationship is about. When a woman feels loved, she lets her walls come down, even if just for a minute. 

If she is unhappy you got home late, or upset about something that happened in her day, or she seems to be avoiding you, there is a chance she is feeling disconnected and wanting to know she is loved. Women in a relationship need to be pursued, to feel like they are special and that you want to spend time with them. 

2. Women Want To Feel Safe

Feeling safe is a primary need. When women feel safe, we open up to create the life we want, be fully present with those around us, and enjoy life more fully.  As she feels safe, she might be able to be vulnerable, open, and willing to share. When a woman finds someone to be safe with, she can trust enough to let the doors of her vault open and let someone in. 

Feeling safe also includes not feeling judged. Women want to know that when they do open the vault to their feelings, you won’t run away, laugh at, or judge her for what comes out.

By creating a safe space for a woman to open up emotionally, you might find other doors open too!

3. Women Want To Feel Seen And Be Appreciated

Women want to know that they can be seen for who they are, and appreciated for it too. They want to know they are special, (hint: it goes along with feeling cherished). They also want to know they are making a difference in the world, that without her, things would be different. 

Maybe we could call it the George Bailey experience; his experience in It’s a Wonderful Life made him see how different so many things would be without him in the world. Women want to know that they are making that kind of difference in the lives around them!

Notice when a woman does something nice or tries to change something for the better. Acknowledging, or giving attention to something wonderful, can build connection between the two of you and allow her to let down her walls for a time. 

Last week we talked about how Relationships can create safety and stability. and it’s true! 

Women want above all to feel connected to something greater. They want partners who care and are striving to be their best self. Women don’t want someone who is perfect all the time, but instead someone who is willing to  admit there is something to look at and change and have the courage to make those changes. We want partners. Someone to work with, grow with, face challenges with, and grow old with. We want to feel like we belong.

The women in your life are waiting for you to show up. They want you to step up and create a healthy relationship with them.  

Ps: Want to see What Men Want? Stay tuned for next week

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