Addiction And Celery Juice

Addiction is something we see and hear about daily. The current Fentanyl and Opioid addiction crisis is hitting deadly proportions.

IF people seek help for overcoming this, it typically involves rehab and medication to detox. Medications like Naltrexone and Buprenorphine are used to reduce dependence to opioids and fentanyl, and to normalize proper brain functioning.

Is There A More Natural Way
To Treat An Addiction?

Believe it or not – plain old Celery Juice can actually help!!

Medical Medium Show The Common Addiction Conditions

Anthony William is the Medical Medium. In his book titled Celery Juice: The Most Powerful Medicine Of Our Time HEALING MILLIONS WORLDWIDE, addiction gets some attention.

Here are points the author discusses:

  • A dysfunctional liver causes a lack of nutrients, which can allow addiction
  • When we have high levels of toxic heavy metals in our systems, we are more prone to be addicted
  • Emotional wounds lowers our bodies in being able to resist this
  • Celery juice stabilizes the liver and glucose reception
  • Most addicts also have insulin resistance

Look At How Celery Juice Can Help

Celery juice offers these healing benefits for addiction:

  • Nourishes the brain, restores neurons, replenishes neurotransmitters
  • Releases toxic heavy metals from the brain
  • Alkalizes the bloodstream, reduces, acidosis & minimizes addictive impulses

My Addiction?

I have to admit that I have an ongoing struggle, being addicted to sugar.

Are you laughing that I declare sugar my substance of choice? It is a serious substance that many people struggle over! links the addictive properties of sugar to those of cocaine (although the effects are far diminished). It “can create a spark of energy and a short-term high in the body”, warns the article, citing a dopamine release as the root cause of that “short term high”. “However, long-term health effects like obesity and diabetes are a risk of sugar overindulgence.

My sugar addiction is part of the reason why I am juicing celery everyday. My liver needs the kind of support that celery juice gives.

Did you know that sugar contributes to gut issues like Gastric Gut? Read about it here.

Join Our Celery Juicing Community

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Reduce Chemicals-Simple, Gentle, Daily Detox

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There are a LOT more physical conditions Celery Juice can help to heal.

We will be looking at those additional topics in the near future.

Will you join us in the community?

I love to  help you to Enjoy Your Healthy Life!

Pam Schmidt

Chemical Minimalist

Mindfulness Mentor

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