Gut health and emotions

Are gut health and emotions inseparably connected?

My answer to that question is a resounding YES!

Your emotional center is in your gut. Your gut will tell you if something is “off” with you emotionally by giving you a physical signal.

Gut Health & Emotions

Recently one of our Inspired Healers and I made a mini-course to help you heal your gut and emotions at the same time, just by paying attention to a couple of important, chemically saturated villains that show up in our daily life now.

Pam Schmidt and I did a live video on Facebook to talk about why Pam decided to become a Chemical Minimalist to support people in the physical side of what is a very emotional and physical battle.

Watch the video here:

Our collaborative mini-course “Working With Your Gut” is a great way to start doing something about the gut stuff that you may finally be ready to do something about.

You can grab that HERE.

The bottom line is, if you are having gut pain, gassiness, IBS or something like any of these then there is a solution, and it’s easier than most people think. (No it’s not popping a pill, and yes it will most likely save you on your household spending.)

What you will learn in this mini-course:

  • What is your emotional center.
  • What causes the basic gut health stuff (that turns into bigger stuff)
  • How to adjust a few simple things to start the healing process
  • How to take that to the next level when you’re ready.

Your gut health is super important. Don’t ignore the signals that your body sends to you to tell you that something is not working.

Catch my love,

Bronwen Oehlschlager
Founder and Co-Owner
Shayoli Hope Center For Healing

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Bronwen Oehlschlager

Hi, I'm Bronwen.

I own and operate the Shayoli Hope Center for Healing in Utah County. I work together with an independent team of collaborators who have messages that I find valuable for whole healing and prosperity.

At Shayoli Hope we are dedicated to bringing healing, hope, and prosperity to God-centered, awakened souls. That means we keep our focus on Christ and God the Father in all of our work together. We believe that in our healing process, we are finding the wheat, and gathering up the tares to burn.

Burning the tares means awareness of what we have believed that hurts (tares), making a new decision to believe something that serves us better (wheat), and collecting the tares, in full awareness, to purge them from the harvest so that we can live free and abundant in wholeness.

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