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How Does Sugar Affect Your Gut?

How Does Sugar Affect Your Gut?

How does sugar affect your gut? Well…there is the obvious affect of sugar on the “external gut” or the waistline. Studies show the more sugar you eat, the larger the waistline and other fatty areas can become.

This article is looking at the “internal gut”, or your stomach and digestive system, and the ways sugar impacts them. If you are looking to improve your gut health, changing the amount of sugar in your diet is the biggest way to do that.

Event Information - Rejuvenate You
Chemical Minimalism Everything We Have Pam Schmidt

Event Information – Rejuvenate You

Here’s event information for Rejuvenate You! Bronwen and I chatted about what is coming in March. It’s going to be SO inspirational! Watch our video to find out why we have great hopes for everyone who attends.

Event Information
Rejuvenate You is a weekend for awakened souls. Are you unsure if this describes you?

Are you feeling awake to what God speaks to your heart?Have you been feeling a greater challenge to live in your God-given light?
Do you see people who need your inspiration and light?
Would you like to get an emotional charge?
Are you hoping to connect with other people who feel the same way?

Plastic Toxins And Gut Health
Chemical Minimalism Everything We Have Pam Schmidt

Plastic Toxins And Gut Health

Plastic Toxins and Gut Health DON’T mix! You probably are dreaming up an image of someone chomping down on plastic, and you’re thinking, “How stupid do you think I am?!” Even though you are smarter than that, you still may be ingesting plastic.

How Do Plastic Toxins Get In My Gut? Does It Matter If I Have Plastic Toxins In My Gut?What Can I Do To Avoid Having Plastics In My Gut?
Getting rid of plastic toxins DOES matter and really can impact your gut health AND overall health.