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Called By God: For Christian Healers With a Message

Called By God: For Christian Healers With a Message

Dear Called by God,

I’ve been thinking about you so often, knowing that the prompting keeps coming to you in that gentle nudge, nudge, nudge. You have a message. You’ve experienced this learning. You know how to do this thing… and God is calling you to get the word out, and to monetize somehow.

Oh the stress of fighting off those soul nudges from the Holy Ghost!

Day after day, the limiting belief that seems so true that “I don’t know how!” and “I can’t afford the mentorship!” is screaming at the gentle promptings to share… share… share…

What if someone is offended by what you know? What if someone you know scoffs and you, or discontinues your friendship because you step into the “wild and crazy” world of being a messenger of healing?

What if being Called by God hurts?

It’s a good question. I’d like to share what’s coming to me for you. Is that okay?

First, I hope you will feel my empathy. I’ve been through this struggle and with every level up I go process and put a little more of that pain into the hands of my Savior, Jesus Christ. I’m on HIS mission, and he is who I care to please. Him and Father in Heaven.

That’s been such a trick in the face of a lifetime of conditioning to care about others so much that I lose caring for my God. It’s deeply ingrained in our Christian culture and it keeps too many of us “little ones,” who are called because of our pure hearts, in a state of paralysis rather than sharing the messages that God puts into our hearts.

Second, it’s not so hard once you put all of that conditioning on the alter.

What do I mean? I mean, all you need is someone to show you the steps to getting settled into claiming your title as a healer or a coach (also a healer) and work out the details about how you are going to do 3 things. Let’s look at those 3 things really quick.

3 Things “Called by God” Needs To Know:

  1. How to give your message away for free, openly to the public.
  2. How to offer a space of support that is super affordable and easy for your soul clients to access. (Like $25 or less.)
  3. How to offer an affordable space for one to one support that honors you.

One thing that I see most in those who are freshly called of God is a distaste for monetizing your time. That’s okay. There are ways to monetize that don’t require you to charge for your time. I’m not sharing those here, but you can find some helpful answers HERE.

Third, know who you are called by God to serve. Who is your message for? It’s not for YOU to take this message to everyone on earth. Consider there are 1000 people on the planet that need this message from you, because you laugh the way you laugh, cry the way you cry, dress the way you dress, and love and share the way you love and share.

Consider that for this purpose, you are exactly the kind of “enough” that you have always dreamed of being accepted as – complete and perfect just the way you are…

What if it’s this simple:

What if you embraced that simplicity and let God help you see that you are here to serve the people who think like you did as you were coming into a “first steps” knowledge of what you know how to do? Consider… you don’t have to guess how they think or what they need because it is the same thing you thought and needed as you were first learning the skill you are now called to monetize.

Is asking for money bad for a “Called of God?”

“Monetize” is often construed as a dirty word in our Christian culture because the love of money is Satan’s domain. He offers his minions pointless money and fame, that he promises to those who are willing to do his bidding… if HE gives it to them.

You are not like them, and we DO live in a world where money is a necessary thing. So just remember that there is a skillset to be learned when it comes to selling in a Godly way, and that it goes to gentle persuasion and making yourself available, instead of making every action you take all about getting people to buy more of your stuff.

My advice is to keep your prices low enough that you feel safe asking the price. If you would pay it, then so will your soul client, as soon as he or she feels the prompting to move forward with your added support.

In the mean time, create your system:

What do I mean by “system?” I mean, that every part of how you deliver your message can by an orderly system. To start, think of your three steps to walking your 1000 soul clients through the process of learning what you have learned. Each simple step is an umbrella where you can teach the necessary details for each important step.

  1. What do they need to know about looking at the situation for awareness?
  2. What do they need to know about learning and applying solutions now that they are aware?
  3. What do they need to know about getting the long term support they need to stay consistent and make this skill a second nature part of their life for long term change?

You know where to find those answers. Search your past experience with the help of God and let the process flow to you, onto paper, in an ever simplified and beautifully easy way. If you get overwhelmed, tell that lying spirit of “not enough” to head on to the pit and stay away from your process. Just be in a state of flow and let it come to you in a gliding, easy way. You are enough.

These things are the first steps. There are more, but I’d love to hear in the comments what comes to you.

Have fun with it!

I hope you inspire someone today!

Bronwen Oehlschlager
Emotional Breakthrough Mentor
Monetization Coach
Inspired SalesGirl

P.S. When you’re ready, come see about your next steps and I’ll help hold your hand through this new journey to help reduce some of the bumps in the road.

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