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Chemical Minimalism Pam Schmidt

First Podcast Episode – Intro to Chemical Minimalism

First Podcast Episode

Did you listen to the first podcast episode on the Inspired Healers’ podcast? I got to be the FIRST GUEST with Bronwen Oehschlager as the host.

Did you know there was a time when I wasn’t a Chemical Minimalist who tried to reduce toxins? My journey in lessening toxic chemicals has been a slowly evolving journey, taking decades. The journey toward reducing emotional toxins from my life has only been happening for a couple of years.

Water's Spiritual Meaning - A Deeper Look
Chemical Minimalism Everything We Have Pam Schmidt

Water’s Spiritual Meaning – A Deeper Look

Water’s spiritual meaning – a deeper look that can address our core emotions. We NEED water to sustain our physical body. If we don’t have enough water within a day, we will die. Water is a foundational element in our lives.
Water is a core element in the balance of our planet. Rain, snow, fresh water, salt water all maintain the perfect balance that keeps our planet functioning. If a drought occurs, the entire balance can be disrupted.

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