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Chemical Minimalism Pam Schmidt

Sunscreen Toxic Ingredients – Two Big Ones

Suncreen Toxic Ingredients Two Big Ones

Becoming aware of the sunscreen toxic ingredients is important… particularly now that summer is here. Many of us may be venturing out to sunlight for the first time in at least a year. If you stayed inside during the quarantine of 2020, this might be the first time you are outside in two years! It is very important to take precautions to help you get the protection needed to avoid damage to the skin.

First Podcast Episode
Chemical Minimalism Pam Schmidt

First Podcast Episode – Intro to Chemical Minimalism

Did you listen to the first podcast episode on the Inspired Healers’ podcast? I got to be the FIRST GUEST with Bronwen Oehschlager as the host.

Did you know there was a time when I wasn’t a Chemical Minimalist who tried to reduce toxins? My journey in lessening toxic chemicals has been a slowly evolving journey, taking decades. The journey toward reducing emotional toxins from my life has only been happening for a couple of years.

Water's Spiritual Meaning - A Deeper Look
Chemical Minimalism Everything We Have Pam Schmidt

Water’s Spiritual Meaning – A Deeper Look

Water’s spiritual meaning – a deeper look that can address our core emotions. We NEED water to sustain our physical body. If we don’t have enough water within a day, we will die. Water is a foundational element in our lives.
Water is a core element in the balance of our planet. Rain, snow, fresh water, salt water all maintain the perfect balance that keeps our planet functioning. If a drought occurs, the entire balance can be disrupted.

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