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Cleaning The Bathroom Without Bleach Or Toxins
Pam Schmidt

Cleaning The Bathroom Without Bleach

Cleaning The Bathroom Without Bleach is a huge challenge. CLEAN is a word we often connect with the bathroom. That is the place where we work on cleaning our bodies in the most thorough way. However, the bathroom can be one of the most nasty places in our homes. Germs, poopy messes, pee-pee drips, and snotty tissues are lurking in the bathroom. And let’s also consider the mildew that likes to live in the shower. It is easy to take on the battle mode in combating all the yucky germ stuff in the bathroom. Some people get out the toxic chemicals, like bleach, to keep their bathroom in a “clean” condition. Cleaning the bathroom without bleach is almost too scary for many people to contemplate. But today I want to offer some ways to ditch the bleach, while still being confident the bathroom is clean.