Divine Feminine Energy… Do you want in on my process?

Faith is not simply “spirituality”. It is not “religion”.

It is a step-by-step process that manifests miracles.

When we apply ourselves to the 4 step process of DOING faith… it takes us on a journey of learning and defining… and REFINING to prepare the soul within our hearts and minds that can nourish our desire-seed.

Our dream seed.

So, what does this have to do with
Divine Feminine Energy?

My journey of faith to manifest a peaceful and joyful relationship with my husband has brought me through a journey of studying divine feminine energy, as well as masculine and feminine polarity (note that these things are RELATED but are very different things).

It has shown me how much cartoons, sitcoms, and movies have influenced me as a child and carrying forward to despise certain feminine energy characteristics – and to despise the positive, polarizing effects that these characteristics have on a man to inspire him to be more positively masculine. This polarity which inspires men to the kind of courage that gives him power to be the heroes who would never cower when they saw a crime happening on the street.

I was taught by media that men are controlling, stupid, easily manipulated, and overly sexual to the point of addiction and deviance. Not to be trusted.

I was also taught this by experience from the time I was a toddler and was molested and brutalized by men, and then repeatedly beaten by a male child as a youth and nobody came to my rescue… there were no heroes in my mind.

Divine Feminine Energy
Invites Heroes To Emerge

Our minds… THE PLACE that the seed gets planted.

Our hearts… THE PLACE seeds take root, are fed, and thrive.

These two places are CHALK FULL of thinks we picked up as children, that are crying for redefining.

In my study of the book in this pic, I have successfully brought many painful beliefs to the surface to redefine.

Divine Feminine Energy - Polarity - Fascinating Womanhood book

How I Want To Share…

This morning I have been praying and pondering on how I can successfully share what I’m learning with our community without having to always make a video every day.

The answer came to me: email them.

Until this morning I had a definition of “supposed to” about emailing you the goods. I thought I was only allowed to remind you, or let you know we have a new podcast or whatever.

I’m laughing at that now. 😂

Our email list is about to get really fun to be part of because im going to use it to create a space of learning.

Yes, there will still be reminders, invitations, and offers, but there will also be a free learning experience if you want to hitch a ride on the “inspired thoughts of Bronwen.”

I’m always reading. I walk my talk and consistently do the steps of a “Miracle Morning” or “Power Hour”.

The bottom line is that I get so excited in the moment I’m studying that I want to share! And usually if I wait to share until I’m gussied up for the day I often get caught up in appointments and kids, etc. and don’t share.

What do you think? Do you want to see how inspired, triggered, and healed you can get from being in on my inspired moments?

If you do, please tell. I just need ONE person to invite me and my Projector (human design) energy will engage and it’s on! 😂

This book is very triggerful. And is doing a lot to heal my soil and soul through the opportunity to breakthrough and redefine some of the poisonous things Smurfett, Claire Huckstable, and my own in-person experience with men mixed into my internal pot.

I am happier. I am sitting with Christ to heal myself from lies that I thought were truths. The process of faith creates peace and joy.

Want in on my process?

Hop into the email list here: shayolihope.com/email-list-sign-up

Catch my love!

Bronwen Oehlschlager
Founder and Co-Owner
Shayoli Hope Center For Healing
Singer of Happy Songs
Redefining Reality

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Bronwen Oehlschlager

Hi, I'm Bronwen.

I own and operate the Shayoli Hope Center for Healing in Utah County. I work together with an independent team of collaborators who have messages that I find valuable for whole healing and prosperity.

At Shayoli Hope we are dedicated to bringing healing, hope, and prosperity to God-centered, awakened souls. That means we keep our focus on Christ and God the Father in all of our work together. We believe that in our healing process, we are finding the wheat, and gathering up the tares to burn.

Burning the tares means awareness of what we have believed that hurts (tares), making a new decision to believe something that serves us better (wheat), and collecting the tares, in full awareness, to purge them from the harvest so that we can live free and abundant in wholeness.

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