Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset

Last week Mindset was introduced. It was a quick overview. After reading an article by Stanford University’s, Carol Dweck, a psychologist who teaches about mindset to young adults, in one of her articles she speaks about fixed and growth mindset. Today we are going over Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset.


A fixed mindset is when you believe that you only have a select few skills and talents to offer yourself or anyone else. Individuals with this mindset are show offs, people who only ever want to look good in everyone else’s eyes. 

The thought of having a natural ability means that it is something that you shouldn’t have to work so hard at, it should just come naturally. 

If you have to work hard at it the feeling of inept creeps in. 

When faced with setbacks fixed mindsets have the flight mentality. Running away from an issue is lots easier than staying to fix it.


Growth mindset is when you are constantly learning, skills or ideas you want to develop, that come through effort, practice and instruction. These minds believe that not everyone has the same potential or that anyone can be this famous person that you look up to. 

Take the Olympics for instance. It takes lots and lots of hard work and effort to be able to take part in such an event. You learn what you are good at and what you need to work on. Those things you need to work on you simply just dedicate yourself to working hard on developing further. 

Growth mindset people work with passion and dedication. When faced with setbacks, growth mindsets, embrace their mistakes and confront what is lacking, missing, or needs to be fixed. 

Which One Are You?

Which one are you? 

Have you figured it out? 

Which one would you like to be? 

As a Growth Mindset individual myself, I can certainly say I was once in that Fixed Mindset mentality. I am a very talented individual and I expected those talents to float me through everything I needed in life. These were things I learned while watching different interactions in my schooling and outside sources. I found I was close minded to “new” ways of doing things to make my talents better. I would think, dare I say it, “below me”. *hides* Over the last 10 years I have been working on what I know now as a Growth mindset!

I quickly learned that running from things never stopped them from happening. When I came back the issue persisted, it was still there. I would try to ignore it, but it only delays the inevitable. That voice in the back of my mind (our subconscious, intuition) would be telling me that I need to fix the situation or thing. That running away was not the answer, but my flight skill, that I had learned and absentmindedly developed was so strong. 

How do we go from being in a fixed mindset to a growth mindset? This all starts in your mind! 

What We Feel, We Believe

What we feel, we believe. 

What we feed our minds, we believe.

 Stop feeding your mind things like, 

“if I don’t make this shot, I’m a failure.”, 

“if I don’t get this A my parents are going to kill me.” 

How do you take these negative phrases and move them towards a more growth or positive mindset?

I am capable of anything

I am smart

I am intelligent

These take you from a fixed mindset to that growth mindset. Can you feel the shift in the way the before mentioned phrases that create the “lack” to filling your mind with, “I am”? You are what you believe yourself to be and God didn’t create you to think less of yourself, he created you to be one with him and I don’t know about you, but I am sure He doesn’t think less of Himself like we let our World make us think… 

“I am” statements are so so sooo good for you mind and body. They will take you from one point of view and change it to something more productive and positive for you. This is mindset, or a mindshift. Affirmations are important. Let’s talk a little bit more about mindset next week and shift a little more into affirmations.

Lots of love,

Jasmine Roberts
Intuitive Energy Healer

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P.S. If you missed my article introducing, “Mindset, What Can it do for You?” last week, click on the link, catch up and join us each week for more great tidbits! 

Info from other sources: document, Mindsets by Carol Dweck

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