How Fragrance and Emotions Interact?

Fragrance and Emotions have a strange relationship.

When they’re GOOD, they are very, very good!

But when they are BAD, they are horribly unhealthy!

Fragrance and Emotions: The GOOD Relationship

Let’s look at some ways healthy fragrance and emotions work:

1. Fragrance boosts your confidence

2. Fragrance brings about a positive impression

3. Fragrance stimulates emotional effects in the brain

4. Fragrance is also known to prompt soothing, sensual stimulation, and healing processes

This is a light version of how truly natural, organic fragrance can work with emotions.

Natural is the important word here.

Bronwen and I Recently Talked About This

Listen in as we throw around info about this topic:

Now Look At The BAD Kind Of Relationship

Synthetic fragrance lowers the body’s ability to do its job.

Use fake fragrance and emotions will also suffer in these ways:

  • Foggy thinking
  • Anxiety
  • Surges of Energy that are inappropriately taking place
  • Drops in Energy following the surge
  • Anger, irritation, agitation

This BAD interaction between fragrance and emotions happens most often with synthetic fragrance. AND it can happen with natural fragrance if too much exposure happens or if you are reacting badly to a specific one.

Improving The Air Quality Inside The Home Helps Support Our Health and Emotions

Here are some basic tips on how to create great Air Quality that we breathe in our homes:

  • Open the windows daily to get circulation going
  • Limit use of plug-ins, synthetic candles, fabric freshener and commercial air fresheners
  • Add house plants to the rooms to help boost oxygen
  • Use an air purifier to circulate air while removing dust and other particles

Why Does Air Quality Matter With Emotions?

We breathe air, right? (haha!)

When we breathe, this pathway of molecules happens:

nose>to the lungs>into the bloodstream>to organs & brain

If synthetic fragrance molecules are present, THEY go to all these body parts.

Our bodies don’t recognize these fragrance molecules as anything it can use.

So we have unusable particles in our body, which cause inflammation and disrupts the delicate balance of our hormones in the endocrine system.

Did you read my article Do Endocrine Disruptors Affect Health?

The air that we breathe means health or illness to our body.

Breathing natural fragrances helps our bodies build, repair, and heal.

Our emotions will respond to this healing process, too!

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