What Is The Gut Lung Axis?

What Is The Gut Lung Axis? Let me pose some more questions: What do the gut and lungs have in common? Do the gut and lungs work independently or do they interact?

Gut health gets a lot of attention these days, particularly in terms of boosting our immune health. Yet the lungs and the gut have a very special relationship. Let’s look at the answers to my original questions.

What Do The Gut And Lungs Have In Common?

Both the gut and lungs have trillions of friendly bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms. This recipe of microscopic stuff in the lungs and the gut is called the microbiome or Microbiota. Neither of these recipe/environments are sterile (with only one ingredient). There is a perfect balance required for both the lungs and the gut to be optimized.

Gut Lung Axis – Do The Gut And Lungs Work Independently Or Do They Interact?

The gut and the lungs definitely interact together. When the gut is functioning and optimized, it causes the lungs and respiratory system to run well. If the lungs are irritated by allergies, asthma, or other problems, it communicates and causes negative reactions in the gut.

What Is The Gut Lung Axis?

The Gut is the Second Brain, as I’ve discussed in Memory and Gut Health. The gut influences many of the body systems. AND the gut has a very unique relationship with the lungs. Both the lungs and the gut influence each other. If the gut Microbiota is happy and balanced, so is the lung Microbiota. If the lungs are inflamed and irritated, the gut will follow.

Going a bit further, when we take antibiotics, anti-ulcer, or anti-reflux medicines, the gut is potentially triggering asthma, allergies, and upper respiratory infections. Lung illness, the flu, or Pneumonia can lead to gut imbalance.

THIS special connection between the balance of the gut and lungs is The Gut Lung Axis.

One other part of the Gut Lung Axis is the Mouth. The Mouth has it’s own microbiota that is in the middle of the Gut Lung Axis. I will write about that soon!

I love to  help you to Enjoy Your Healthy Life! Gut health is an important part of that.

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