Homesteading for beginners

Homesteading for beginners? What does that have to do with inspired healing? Well, a lot. At least from my own, personal perspective, and I recently interviewed Maegan Shoemaker on her topic of raising future statesmen right, by raising them in a homesteading way.

You can listen to that podcast episode right here:

In the podcast above, Maegan covers the first steps of Homesteading for beginners. Of course, if you want more details in a future podcast, remember to ask a question in the comments. I’ll make sure she sees it and I’ll bring her on to answer your question(s).

It’s clear that the very first step is to find the land that you want to hunker down on and make a life.

Maegan chose a large, abundant, wild piece of property out in the wilderness. In the summer her little ones go out for a snack of wild blackberries, or pick some veggies from the garden.

What is your dream homestead like?

Do you want a smaller plot of land with a backyard garden and some fruit trees? Or do you wants some acreage with a garden, fields, and animals to enhance your joy?

Whatever it looks like for you, this is your first “homesteading for beginners” step. Decide what sings to your soul, and then start working on the steps to prepare to get that perfect little piece of heaven on earth, that is your homesteading spot.

What questions do you have about homesteading for beginners?

Do you have questions for Maegan and you’d like her beginner guide to homesteading so you can avoid her rooky mistakes and get off to a strong start?

Do you also wonder how you can do this while homeschooling small children and raising them to be future heroes by raising them to be statesmen?

You can connect with Maegan by visiting

Have an inspired day!

Bronwen Oehlschlager
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