How do I know if I need a supplement

How do I know if I need a supplement? Is maybe one of the most important questions you may be asking right now. Supplementation is a hot topic right now. Especially for those who want to take charge of their own heath and wellbeing. This method will empower you to know what your body needs.

We Really Are All Unique Individuals

Just like with health foods, what’s good for the goose, may not be good for the gander. We’re all very unique individuals. And, though we may have many things in common as humans (we each may have two eyes, they are of different colors and abilities in each of us😉) there are definitely things that may work for most but not for us. This is especially true for supplements and the things we consume.

Prime example for this is with respect to allergies. Though many may extoll the nutritious properties of nuts, not everyone can consume them without the possibility of anaphylactic shock.

Testing at The Doctor’s

An interesting phenomenon happens when we go to a conventional allopathic doctor. Because they are very fond of tests and measurements, they often test our blood to measure the levels of whatever it is they think might be causing our symptoms (like levels of hormones, minerals, etc). Thing is that these tests are very limited because they are often very general. They just look at the ‘average’ range and apply that to you, without first looking at your healthy baseline.

Now, I’m no doctor, so take what I have to say to you with a grain of salt. But, when they’re just measuring your individual numbers against an average of random people when you’re presenting with symptoms, it doesn’t seem like a very scientific or optimal way to see what is really causing an issue. At the very least, they should test you on your wellness checkup and use that to compare with your sick visit. But, I digress.

So, How DO I Know If I Need A Supplement?

So, with limited testing often comes erroneous diagnoses and with that, erroneous prescribing. Often people just start taking their supplements or prescribed treatments but don’t start to feel any better. Or, even worse, they start to feel even more ill than before!

So, what’s a person to do? Well, if you suspect you might need a supplement, or that your doctor prescribed you one that might be making you sick, do the ‘sway method’.

Sway It Out

Our bodies are electromagnetic. They are attracted to the positive, or what they need, and repelled by the negative or what they don’t need. Our bodies will move towards the positive and away from the negative.

In the video below, I show you how this works and what it looks like. Just remember to always take a nice, cleansing breath to get centered and neutral before you start.

How to do the sway method for yourself or for your kid

The Best Part of Using the Sway Method to Answer, “How do I know if I Need a Supplement?”:

The Best part about this is that you can basically use it for almost anything you want to know about your body and even subconscious beliefs, etc. The more you use it/practice, the quicker you’ll get at getting the answer to “how do I know if I need a supplement?” and other things your body may need. You might even learn how your intuition works so well where there will be instances where you won’t even have to do the full sway, you’ll just feel the answer!

The sway method is a way to access the energy of Universal Consciousness/God/Universe connected to your body’s own innate intelligence/energy. This is a form of energy work, and Jasmine has written a really great article explaining energy work here.

Enjoy Your New, Joyful Connection With your Body/Intuition!

Cybele Cerchio 🧡
The Joyful Life Blueprint

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