Have you ever felt out of balance? This lack of balance can lead us to feeling not emotionally stable. It is a sensation we often feel and most of the time can’t put our finger on where it is coming from. Why do I feel like I’m doing everything I can and I still don’t feel strong, stable, or balanced?

Maybe you aren’t. 

You might have sought healing at various points in your life. Searched for a sense
of wholeness, and may not have found it. We form patterns in our daily lives, patterns
of how we react to situations, circumstances, others, and ourselves, and people.  Patterns for how to deal with daily stresses and even patterns of avoidance. 

It Starts With A Pattern

Learning how to be emotionally stable starts by finding your patterns. A pattern begins to take shape when you first have a thought about something and start to focus on the story or judgment. You begin to make decisions based on your thoughts. This is the mental creation of a pattern. 

Your thoughts generate an emotion or an emotional reaction to the thought, judgment, story, or idea. That is how we create patterns emotionally.

This in turn, creates beliefs we have about ourselves, not only our physical self but our spiritual self also. This circle of beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions create strong patterns which can make it hard to break, unless you learn how to break apart the process and be conscious creators in your life.

How Can I Heal These Areas?

An emotionally stable foundation is built as we focus our intention on each of the four areas in PEMS.

To heal Physically, the body has to have a new experience. Just as we create
memories with sensations, our physical body must have a new experience. You can
heal your physical body with movement, eye contact, and physical expression other

To heal Emotionally, you have to experience your feelings. You can do this through
emotional release techniques or processing, and EFT tapping., therapy. You can also start connecting with yourself and awareness of your daily emotions. Connecting with others who can hear your emotions and relate to them helps you heal emotionally too.

To heal Mentally your brain has to have a new thought pattern. You can do this through
with learning, teaching, journaling and supporting others.

To heal Spiritually, you need to reconnect with God; ideas for healing include being still
and meditating, pondering, journaling, and prayer.

Like the legs of a chair, if we focus on one area and make it strong and healthy, we
build an unstable foundation. By healing in working on the four areas of PEMS,
you can become more stable and whole.

Is There a Prescription or Plan?

I have created a 21 Day PEMS Challenge to help you find balance and in turn stability. You can find it here.

Want To Dive In Even Deeper?

I am teaching a new Free class on Shayoli Hope and would love for you to join me.

My class Marriage and Emotional Sobriety is Tuesday mornings at 10am MDT. You can listen to replays so you won’t miss anything, but it’s always better live where you can ask questions and get feedback too! Make sure you set your calendar to be there.

To sign up and get the link to classes and join the community click this link.

Coach Tera
Coach Tera

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