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How To Be Emotionally Strong (With Meditation)

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When looking to be emotionally strong, meditation can be a great place to start. While meditation has been growing in popularity in the last few years, it’s roots have been in Eastern cultures for centuries. 

Meditation is not actually something you do, but rather, a state of mind. It isn’t about not thinking about anything or emptying your mind, but rather meditating is about noticing when thoughts come into your awareness and allowing them to flow out again. 

Much is taught about building physical strength. It is enhanced as you focus your energy on exercise, get proper sleep and nutrition and more. Emotional and mental strength are just as important. 

PEMS Teaches Us To Be Emotionally Strong

We strengthen and heal in four areas. They are physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. I call this PEMS for short. Each of these areas are important to creating balance in your life. As you teach your body and mind new ways to be, you rewire your brain’s pathways. Neuroplasticity is the ability to rewire connections in your brain. It applies to learning and teaching your brain. As you meditate and come to understand how your mind works in thought, you learn new patterns and teach your brain how to be strong.

Be Emotionally Strong With Meditation In 5 Ways

Emotional strength helps you stay out of stress and reaction, giving you a choice to make conscious choices. Instead of being acted upon, emotionally strong people take charge of their lives. The following are traits that can be enhanced as you use meditation to focus your thoughts and open up to possibilities. 


Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Learning to allow your mind to bounce back when things get hard or when they don’t go the way we plan. Meditation is like learning to be an audience to your thoughts. It teaches your body and mind to let go of the control we often seek and allow a flow instead.


Focus is the ability to give particular attention to something. It seems strange but true that practicing meditation and letting go of controlling your thoughts can create opportunities in the rest of your day to focus on things that are important to you. Resting your focus gives other opportunities and invites emotional strength with meditating.


Being creative is a skill that allows you to see sometimes even familiar things in new ways. Creativity is the ability to generate and recognize alternatives, possibilities, and ideas in new ways. Using focused techniques during meditation allows for creativity. When you meditate on new ways to see things, ideas can come to your mind that you might not have seen before. Creativity invites courage too. We can become emotionally strong as we get creative with solutions to problems and heartache.


Flexibility is the willingness to change and compromise. Finding ways during meditation to see things from a new perspective can create that flexibility. As you open your mind to the possibilities of new ways of seeing the path in front of you, you give space for new horizons. 

Connection To Self

Emotionally strong people use meditation to create a connection to their bodies, their breath, and their mind, which is the essence of self. As you quiet the constant chatter in your mind, you give more space for the thoughts and dreams which are the core of yourself. Awareness is the first step to learning how to connect with yourself.

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