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How To Bond With Your Baby: Spoiled and Proud

How to bond with your baby is not always as easy as it sounds. Sometimes we go through some postpartum adjustments, that make us feel like holding the baby at arms length is the right thing to do. Those feelings can be natural too, but if they are, seek help. Being a new Parent can feel scary, and be intimidating. Often times it is a big change for people, and the adjustment is difficult. Please know, that no matter what your story, I can help you achieve your ideal.

Put that baby down! You’ll Spoil them!

A baby was never spoiled with too much love.


I would like to take a minute and prove this quote true. Have you ever heard of anyone complain that their parents gave them too much love when they were kids? Have you ever felt that way?

UMMMM. No. It’s simply not possible to spoil a baby with too much love. That being said, how do you show a baby that you love them? Do they even know what love is?

I like to think that babies feel our love intuitively. I imagine them before they get here, basking in God’s love, and so after they arrive, I want them to feel at home still. This great new big world they are experiencing, isn’t what they were used to in the pre-existence, or in the womb. But I try to mimic it the best I can.

Bond With Your Baby

I snuggle them lots, keeping them swaddled and close. Even if they don’t like swaddling, I have never met a baby who doesn’t like the close cuddles that they get while being wrapped close to your body. The warmth of your chest on their faces, and your smell to them, helps them bond with you.

They are imprinting your smell, and the sound of your heartbeat. Memorizing your voice and timing their breathe with yours.

Snuggle bug

These things are lost or lessoned when the baby is laid away from you in a baby chair, or left in a carseat or a bassinet.

The longer you keep them with you, and hold them, cuddle, smile and coo. The more they recognize you, and become familiar with your facial expressions and joy. Those same facial expressions and joy, are tools that you use later down the road to encourage them.

Lay A Strong Foundation

You can’t build a home with a hammer that isn’t strong, but limp like a wet noodle. Neither can you build a strong family with out the basic foundational tools of positivity that you develop when your baby is young.

“But babies just sleep all day”. I hear it already… If you really want to bond with your baby, then you have to focus on the basics. Swaddle your baby for as long as you can, helping them to be secure. Hold them in a wrap close to your chest, or in whichever carrier you prefer. And enjoy the benefits of multitasking while they sleep with the closeness they crave.

When they are awake and feeding, be present for it. Not on your phone or distracted. Those are your moments to coo at them and smile. Don’t miss it for the world, it passes too fast.

I will spoil my babies with love every day, no matter how old they are.

It is never to late to bond with your baby,

You got this!

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