How to find time for yourself for busy moms

From the moment we wake up to the moment you lay your head back on our pillows at night, you feel like it’s non-stop “mommy, mommy, mom! Can you help me? I need this! I need that! Can you help me find this?” You drive them to and from school in carpools, you drive them to dance, soccer, football, music lessons, make breakfast, lunch and dinner….. And, don’t forget cleaning the house! Ugh! For busy moms, that’s a HUGE question/problem we have: “How to find time for yourself?”

When there are so many daily demands, on our time and energy, and you feel pulled in every direction, you just can’t even think straight! And, if you’re a work outside the home mom, you’ve even got all your deadlines and all those EXTRA demands on top of everything else. You feel like your life and your time are simply not your own!

Busy Mom Life, Like…

How to Find Time for Yourself Amid the Chaos:

Mindset first: you need to realize that taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of everyone else who’s dependent on you. As a matter of fact, you’ll be better able to give your all to those you love if you take care of yourself on a regular basis.

Like I always say, ‘you can’t pour out of an empty cup.‘ For you to feel your best and be giving putting your best foot forward, you have to feel like you’re worth it! For starters, you probably need to set some boundaries and be ok with letting some things go. You might also need some ideas, because it’s been so long. You can go here for that.

Say Yes to Yourself by Saying No to Others and Unnecessary Things: Healthy Boundaries, Decide That You Matter too, Dang it!

Do your kids really need to go to all those extra-curriculars? Do you really need to say yes to all the friends and neighbors and church events, activities and helping all the friends all the time?

Realize that each one of us have different energy levels, personalities and needs. Stop comparing yourself to others, and take stock of why you are doing all the things you’re doing. Are you doing it because you feel obligated to? Do you feel like you’re a bad mom/person if you say no to your friend? Do you feel like you need to have your kids in all of the things so that they can be busy and you can feel like you’re providing them with all of the opportunities society says they need to have in order to be well-rounded individuals?

After you’ve taken an honest look at yourself and seen our reasons for doing all these things, take an honest, hard look at whether or not those are realistic expectations. Are your kids really happy doing all the things, or could they use some down time to just sit still and be? It’s important for kids to be bored from time to time, it helps their imagination and creativity, among other things.

Baby-Steps: Start Small in How to Find Time For Yourself

Look at your days and see what you can say no to. Are you saying yes because you don’t want others to think ill of you? If so, cut it out! I’m a recovering people pleaser myself (I often find myself in that space, still).

When you look at your days, do you have a few minutes here and there? That’s just enough to savor a slow sip of cool water and take some deep breaths in a well-deserved breath break! So, brink a water bottle with you and take a sip anytime you feel stress starting to creep in. Do the same with your breath. I know I have to take many deep breaths throughout the day so I don’t want to punch people in the face.?

Also, realize that it doesn’t have to be anything huge or take hours of your day, unless you want it to. The menu below is great for taking care of yourself by picking just 3 on the days you only have a few minutes for a break.

Who Do You Love?

How can you show others that you love them so, so much? By showing them that you love yourself first! The second greatest commandment is to “love your neighbor as yourself.” Does that make sense now? How can you fully love others when you don’t show yourself some love?

The best way to show yourself love is by learning how to find time for yourself, by taking that time for yourself on a regular basis, you can recharge and replenish your energy so you can have enough to spare to others (like the cup picture at the top, which one do you think you can share with the most people?).

You are divine and just as worthy of love as anyone else you love. Give them the best version of you you possibly can by taking care of yourself on a regular basis.

Enjoy your joyful life!

Cybele Cerchio 🧡
The Joyful Life Blueprint

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