How to get energy now

We’ve all been there (and maybe we’re there right now)! We’ve all had days or moments when our energy just seems to crash. We’re just trying to do our day and it sometimes descends upon us like a huge warm, wet blanket. Sometimes it’s because we had a late night, other times the reason eludes us. No mater the reason, we just want to know how to get energy, now! We’ve got stuff to do, dang it! We can’t just go to bed and take a nap, dagnabit! We’ve got kids who need out attention, or we’re at work and we definitively can’t take a nap there!

So, what’s a girl to do? Don’t you worry your tired, pretty little head. Don’t you fret. Because, I got you.

Natural Energy Boosting Tips

Here are some natural, energy boosting tips:

  • 💦Drink enough water. I know, this one is unexpected, but if we’re dehydrated, we tend to fatigue more easily. I know I’ve personally noticed this to be the case in my life.
  • 😴Get good quality sleep Now, don’t stop reading just yet. I know you’re probably thinking, “gee, thanks captain obvious! I never would’ve guessed that sleeping would solve my sleepiness problem!” *eye-roll* But, notice that I said, “good quality sleep.” According to Ayurveda and conventional science, one of the best ways to improve your quality of sleep (provided there’s nothing else going on like an endocrine imbalance) is to get to bed early and waking up early on a consistent basis. Good sleep hygiene is worth more than gold! I have some tips about waking up early for those of us who are not morning people, here.
  • 🍜Improve your diet. Reducing processed foods, especially processed sugar can really help with your energy levels. Also, try not to get your energy from your coffee, or energy drink.
  • 😖Take care of any emotional or stress that can drain you. You can do this by assessing your schedule or by increasing your resilience through a regular yoga practice and through EFT.
  • 🏃‍♀️Exercise in the middle of the day, if your schedule permits.

How to Recharge, NOW!

Ok, so, now you’ve got some homework to do so you can keep your energy levels consistently where they should be. But, you’ll say, I’m tired now and most of these tips won’t help me now. First things first, drink some water and don’t reach for more coffee, an energy drink or sugary snacks.

Follow what I do in the video instead and you’ll find that you’re invigorated again!

Playing some dance music and dancing along always gets my energy levels up too! Another practice would be surya bhedana pranayam, or sun-piercing/right nostril breathing.

Enjoy your more joyful, not-running-on-empty, life!

Cybele Cerchio 🧡
The Joyful Life Blueprint

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Cybele Cerchio

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I'm passionate about helping women of faith cope with and reduce stress, depression, and feel empowered to take control of their mental/emotional health and well-being, so they can powerfully step into their divine roles as mothers, wives, daughters by feeling true joy in connecting to their spirits, bodies and God.

I'm here to help you through simple little practices that will help you be joyful and peaceful no matter what's going on around you!

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