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How to Keep Vegetables Fresh Longer

Keeping vegetables fresh in the refrigerator can be simple when you have the know-how.

This article gives you that “know-how” so your vegetables will last a while longer.

Who wants to spend their hard earned money on vegetables, only to open the refrigerator just days later, to find they are rotten?

Plan to use what you buy!

Meal planning is one of the most important parts of keeping vegetables fresh. 

Have you ever purchased produce with no plan to use it? 

It happens to the best of us.

Before the grocery list is created make a list of the days you will cook and decide what meals/recipes to make sure you have the right amount. 

I suggest planning for at least five days. Planning for five days allows for those unexpected “dining out” situations or on the nights you are not in the mood to cook.

Look for the “freshest possible”

If you don’t know what looks right, you can ask your produce person.  They will know best.  At my local store there is always someone in the area stocking produce.  They work with produce all the time and know what is best and in season. This may sound a like to much at first, but you will become a pro in a short time. 

Can’t deal with it right away?

That’s okay!

I recommend at least removing produce from their plastic bags, allowing it to dry out a a little while. 

DO NOT return them to the same wet plastic bag.

In a hurry? 

Wrap the produce in a paper towel or two and return to a dry plastic bag.  You can use any bag after wrapping in a paper towel.  Leave a vent, so the produce can breathe and dry out from all the excess moisture.

Too much water!

Have you ever noticed the water misters that spray your vegetables in the store to keep them fresh?  With loose spinach or other greens or vegetables that collect extra water, I suggest shaking the water out before placing it in the plastic bag.  This will help you when you get home as well.  The less water, the less chance of rotted produce.

Prepping at home!

Take the time as soon as possible to wash and dry all of the vegetables the best you can.

A salad spinner is a handy tool for lettuces and other greens. Once the greens are dry, place them in an airtight container and store with a paper towel or too.  Every time you open the container to take greens out, remove the damp towel and replace it with a dry one. 

Don’t want to waste?

Save the damp paper towel on the kitchen counter and reuse it for something else.  I use mine to clean up messes on the counters and floors.

All other produce, like as radishes, celery, broccoli can last longer by using this similar method of storage. 

Wash, and trim, dry and store!

I sincerely hope this article helps you live a longer, healthier and happy veggie life!


Have a Very Veggie Day!

YOUR Plant-Based Health Coach!
Plant-Based Foodie and Peace-Loving Yogi!


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