How To Reduce Toxins-At The Beginning

My friend recently asked about how to reduce toxins at the beginning. She wants to start this healthy lifestyle. Yet she wants some simple “1, 2, 3” steps that help break down the overwhelm.

This question turned on my memory machine. You know all those tv memory signals? The harp, the wavy, blurry photo, and then the memory appears. Yes, that.

Today, we will look at the simple steps you can do to begin reducing toxins, which leads to a Happy Healthy Life.

How To Reduce Toxins Around The Home

Let’s pick out a few biggies to kick out of your home. If all you do is to eliminate these few toxins, you have made a significant difference.

Leave Your Shoes At The Door – this is a way to eliminate up to 60% of toxins that typically enter on the bottom of shoes. Many pesticides, oil products, dirt, and even spit (ew!) are tracked in to lay on the floor. What happens if you or your pet lay on the floor with that stuff nearby? Leave the shoes at the door, carry them to the closet, or some other preventative practice.

Purify The Air Inside – I’m talking about CLEAN air, not flowery smelling due to air freshener. Begin a daily routine of opening the windows for 15 minutes daily. We often have toxins hanging around inside from carpets, building materials, and so on. Opening the windows helps circulation inside. Completely skip the air freshener or the Plug-Ins… ALWAYS skip them. Add an air purifier to your routines, moving it from room to room throughout the week. Bring in some plants that help purify naturally: Ivy, Mother In Law Tongue, Peace Lily, Pothos are just some of those plants that absorb our carbon dioxide and provide us with oxygen.

Kick Out Bleach and Bleach-based Products – bleach poses dangers when we inhale the fumes. It can cause permanent respiratory damage and burn the skin. If bleach mixes with other chemicals, it can be a deadly situation. So get rid of liquid bleach, bleach sprays, and scouring powder. DON’T FREAK OUT! There are alternatives – baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, borax powder are just some. I’ve written specific recipes in this article.

Dump the Indoor Pesticides – I know we don’t want bugs and rodents inside. Yet consider that the commercial pesticides can bring health risks like reproductive effects, endocrine disruption, cancer, birth defects, kidney/liver damage, and more. So what can we do? Essential oil sprays (peppermint, lemongrass, lavender )can work AND they smell wonderful! Citrus peels can be left in the corners under the sink. There are also electronic pest controlling gadgets that are chemical-free.

Say “Good-bye” To Antibacterial Products – if the label says any of these phrases, it needs to go: disinfecting, sanitizing, germ killing, antibacterial, Triclosan. These products show up as hand sanitizer, antibacterial spray, wipes, and soaps (this is a brief list). Healthy replacements are good ol’ soap, castille soap, essential oils (as a spray cleaner), self-purifying microfiber and water (ask me about those special cloths).

Drink Filtered Water – It is better than tap water, because tap water can contain up to 38 contaminants, including bacteria, fertilizer, and industrial chemicals. Bottled water has many estrogen and endocrine disruptors, and can cause cancer. Get a filter that removes metals, chemicals, fluoride, and chlorine. Replace disposable bottles with stainless steel or glass bottles (wash them often).

Lastly, Skip The Air Fresheners In All Forms – Here, I’m talking about aerosols, trigger sprayers, plug-ins, and so on. I know we like our homes to smell great. Yet these commercial products typically have artificial fragrance. You may want to check whether your candles have artificial fragrance too. And many toxins are hidden in these products, while the FDA allows companies to mask these chemicals under the name of “fragrance”. Artificial fragrances can REALLY mess up our hormones and are linked to cancer. Replacements? Yes! Essential oils are a healthy fragrance option, because they are extractions from the natural source. Use an electric diffuser with a citrus or floral fragrance. I often create my own room and bathroom freshener with essential oils, water, and a bit of vodka. Natural is healthier than artificial.

How To Reduce Toxins – It Can Be Done In Small Steps

So How To Reduce Toxins from the start? Pick just one of these tips, and do it. You do not have to start it all at once. My #1 step would be to get rid of bleach. It is present in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. So even that ONE action will bring improvement for your health.

It is important to feel confident, not overwhelmed or defeated. The biggest factor in your success will be your attitude. Bringing in a self statement of “I can do this!” is SO powerful. If you mess up along the way, SO WHAT!? Try again.

You gotta know that I am not wagging a finger at you. I really understand. It’s not like I have everything “down pat” and I’ve eliminated all toxins in my home. We are all on this journey together.

P.S. I have a new course called Trash The Toxins. So I am looking for beta testers to help me make sure everything is well set up. This course helps to guide you through the steps of eliminating toxins throughout the home, while finding healthy options. Let me know if you are interested in being a beta tester.

I love to  help you to Enjoy Your Healthy Life!

Pam Schmidt

Chemical Minimalist

Mindfulness Mentor

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