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Hydration Podcast – The Shocking Truth

Hydration Podcast - The Shocking Truth

Hydration Podcast – The Shocking Truth is where Bronwen and I talk about keeping our bodies replenished with the H20 that our bodies need. The Happy Healthy Life is really pretty basic, with a few steps we must take daily. However, these “Basic” steps have gotta be in the front of our minds throughout EACH day.

Follow Up: Hydration Podcast – The Shocking Truth

First step – make sure you are drinking the full amount of water your thirst body craves. The general guideline for everyone is this formula:

1/2 ounce water for every 1 pound you weigh


Drink half your weight in ounces per day


75 ounces water for 150 pounds.

I’ve shown the general guidelines. Please be aware that medications and medical conditions may alter the amount of water you need. For instance, I take blood pressure and allergy medications that lead my body to be more thirsty. So I must drink even more water than is shown above.

Staying hydrated is the first step in boosting immune health.I have another article titled

5 Ways To Boost Immunity. Following these steps will be the rest of the Basic routines that supplies what our bodies crave.

Staying Hydrated is a Year-Round Routine

Bronwen and I recorded this podcast in the middle of summer. Yet the truth is that we need lots of water all year round!

In Summer we have hotter outdoor temperatures and the drying effects of air conditioners running. In Winter, the air may be colder and drier, and running the heater may dry us out.

If you wonder if you are dehydrated, check out my article about the Pee Test. 🙂

Check out more podcasts at our Shayoli Hope channel.

Enjoy your healthy life!

Pam Schmidt

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