In EFT/Tapping, why do we tap on the negative?

In EFT Why Do We Tap On The Negative First? Since starting EFT/tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), I often get this question (I’ve actually wondered about it myself: “why do we tap on the negative?” We’re often told that we just need to “focus on the positive“, and we should spend more time there. But, we also need to address and process out the elephants in our space. We need to address and process the ‘negative’ emotions we experience. Time needs to be set apart to do this regularly.

Don’t Hoard Junk/Garbage!

Think of it this way, you’ve been hoarding junk in your house for a long time. A lot of that junk is basically garbage. Every time you need to go anywhere in the house, or out of the house, or do anything, you’re constantly climbing over piles of junk and garbage. The smell is getting to you too. You’ve had enough of it and want to have a nice, tidy, clean house, dang it! You’re tired of climbing over piles and moving junk around just so you can sit on your couch or eat at the table!

You have to get rid of the junk/garbage before you can tidy up! Sure you could just throw a blanket over some of it but that doesn’t get rid of it and it sure as heck doesn’t make your house look tidy or clean!

This Is Why We Tap On The Negative

Just like the house example above, we need to take out the junk/garbage out before we can have a tidy, clean house, we have to take out the negative emotions, so to speak, before we can really live in the positive more. Staying in the positive is like living in a tidy, clean house. Of course, like our houses, it won’t be perfectly clean or tidy 100% of the time, but once you habitually make time for cleaning, or taking out the negative, it’ll be easier to maintain positivity and balance.

Tapping on the negative does just that! It allows you to feel and release your negative emotions so that they don’t clog up and congest your energy pathways (meridians/nadis).

EFT Tapping points run through

Enjoy your joyful life!

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