Hi there! Let’s talk about judgement. I’m doing some morning musing. 🙂

Come deep into my thoughts. LOL!

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To purge some judgement,
I’m reading three books at once right now.

Fascinating Womanhood by Helen B. Adelin, The Judgement Detox by Gabrielle Bernstein, and Medical Medium by Anthony Williams.

I also just attended a three-day event of a couple of people that I had been holding a lot of judgement for because I know some of their past, immoral (according to my understanding of what God calls a no-no) behaviors.

When I study anything, or do anything at all, it’s because I got the soul nudge.

There is a REASON why God nudges me to do and study things. That reason is because I have a desire to purge all of the impurities from my mind, heart, body, and life. I say “purge impurities” as if that’s the focus, but the real focus is love and enlightenment.

Lately I heard Aaron Doughty suggest that it’s possible that being in a state (frequency) of enlightenment is simply being present.

I think there’s something to that idea.

Think about it. When you are meditating skillfully you reach purer and purer states of centered peace and in those moments of presence there is no judgement present in you.

Meditation is a skill. It’s developed and you get better at it every time you do it. It’s about focus on being still inside. Just being still and knowing that God has you in his hands.

No judgement.
Just… still and safe and… right now.

It’s successfully telling that spinning, whining, judgement prone, complaining, and even sometimes nasty voice that is your injured, mortal part… to SHUT UP! LOL!

I recommend reading The Judgement Detox just so you can really get a feel for what that means, but for today I want to focus on the process I’m taking myself through to finally purge some gross stuff from my subconscious mind that has been planted in my system by society and media.

Stuff that seems SO TRUE about men.

Let me be clear on how my mind works so you don’t accidentally judge ME and cause something disorderly to happen inside of you… at the same time… you might become aware that you need to purge something about judging people when they admit that they found a limiting belief that’s tough to shift.

Meh. That’s a good thing. 😉

But for the sake of knowing my process, here’s the thing:

When I find a belief that is an injury, like “men are unsafe” or “sexy isn’t safe” or “all men are jerks” (a quote from an adult woman from my childhood) or “men are stupid” (a message I got from Clair Huckstable from the Cosby Show when I was a kid.) etc. etc.

These things FEEL true to my injured self, but my highest self, who is ME, knows that these things are not universal.

To step out of judgement
I think of it like this:

A person’s Highest Self is the true self. It’s the self that we already are, and also were before we came here and put on these mortal bodies like a suit. We earned our opportunity to put on and teach a mortal body by becoming one with God before we came to get it – You can’t trick God. Our Highest Selves earned this because He had proved our Higher Spirits.

(That’s how I see it and it helps a ton!)

These bodies are highly intelligent, super cool, magic wands. They are a tool. T

hey are capable of some pretty freaking amazing faith magic that Christ spent his entire ministry illustrating to the people who would listen, pay attention, ask, and experiment with the possibilities.

EVERYONE’S body is having the same experience of being new and in training.

Kind of… A.I. style, if you will. Not exactly but that’s how I want to have you see it for a second so you can understand what I’m saying.

Your body can learn.

It’s like a computer in that it can be programmed. It gets injuries. It gets confused.

Your Highest Self is YOU. Already. Wise and Holy, and your body is learning the difference between its own, often injured voice, and the voice of its owner. You.

So, when I am noticing that something feels true, and my body is feeling emotion about that, I am seeing it from the space of this Highest Self, observing and guiding part of me that is in complete connection with God already.

I learned to connect with myself this way through a very intense experience with feeling like my life needed to end because the injuries were more painful than I could continue to bear, and God taught me how to nurture myself through a forgiveness process that I now teach to others.

That process was designed to help me step out of the pain, as if the pain was me, and observe my body’s injuries from the standpoint of someone who understands, validates, and mentors my body through healing the pain, in concert with God.

I’ve been considering putting on a whole retreat dedicated to learning how to, and doing this because it’s so intricate, and simple at the same time, and our injured bodies minds like to complicate the simplicity out of it. LOL!

(Ask me for that if you want it. If 10 people want that retreat, then we will look at planning it especially for those 10 people.)

Knowing that’s how I see it, when I say that it feels so true, I mean that my injury BELIEVES it’s so true.

My Highest Self just knows all the things. It feels into universal truth very easily. My injured body is always deepening it’s trust in my Highest Self. And my injury likes to speak as if it’s me. It thinks it’s me. LOL!

But it’s not. It’s mine.

So, let’s get back to these beliefs about men, and what the book Fascinating Womanhood is drumming up for me.

The book starts out by saying that “To be loved and cherished is every woman’s highest goal in marriage.”

My injury screamed: “Hey that’s not my main goal in life! I’m not going to put my main focus on something that is impossible because men are so clueless!”

And then my injured mind proceeded to list all of the programming that a feminist society, a patriarchal society, and TV, movies, and books had fed to me in an attempt to get me to… what?

I think it’s to be weak and confused and distracted with lies so I can’t reach my highest potential, so let’s just roll with that. Satan is real and he’s not just kinda in charge of media and stuff. I had a lot of his bull-crap in my body’s system. (We all do, so I’m not picking on myself. I just process it out.)

Then I noticed the judgement.

The utter, discordant judgement in all of the beliefs that were causing me physical anxiety in the moment that they came forward for me to witness.

Wow. These intentionally judgmental programs were keeping me from standing in my divine feminine energy, and in wielding the power of my body and energy to create a positive polarity that the men in my life, even my sons, need so that they can FEEL the positive polarity and respond to it.

It’s the masculine and feminine magic wands’ responding to each other. Men couldn’t do this alone, they needed a partner in creating magnetic polarity, which is creative power, and so he created a VERY powerful counterpart: The body of a woman, and he put a woman’s Highest Self in charge of that body because he knew she could wield it with power.

Together the two ends of the magnet create momentum. Have you ever seen those home-made magnet generators? All you have to do is hook up some wires the right way, and get the magnets lined up properly and it will literally charge your phone for you.

It creates electromagnetic energy.

It’s the same basic idea as a Tesla Tower… and our bodies are designed to create that kind of powerful momentum together.

WOW! That’s the coolest idea ever!

To think that if I step into my ACTUAL power as a woman, I have so much influence on my husband and sons, and other men in my life, simply by being in proximity to them, that I can set some great things in motion… that’s a completely worthy idea to explore!

Okay, this is getting long so I’m going to wrap up with just planting that seed. It helped me shift my perspective. I’m very interested in hearing what you have to say about these ideas and how they helped your injured parts to perk up and be willing to step into a new perspective.You can connect with me by replying.

Talk soon.

Bronwen Oehlschlager
Founder and Co-Owner
Shayoli Hope Center For Healing
Singer of Happy Songs

P.S. Remember reply and let me know if you want us to put on a Forgiveness Technique Retreat soon.

We’ll do it somewhere in Utah near the Provo area, possibly in the mountains at an Air BnB. It will likely be 3-4 days long, and you can be planning on a price point around $997-$2500 depending on how luxurious we decide to make the retreat.

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