How Can I Learn To Be Still?

Life is busy. How Can I Learn To Be Still? This is a huge question that I’ve been considering for awhile. It isn’t any automatic answer, because I am attention-challenged. That may have happened during my 38 year career as a school teacher. I had to be on high alert to all the happenings going on at once in the classroom. HAHAHAAHAH!

My Experiences While I Learn To Be Still

I’ve been focusing on this for a couple of years now. Slowing down to quiet my chattering mind was something I didn’t ever think about for six decades. I guess this Old Dog CAN learn new tricks.

I began the quieting through Guided Meditation recordings that I found on Youtube. I came up against the hindrance of spending so much time searching for the right video. The first guided meditations I followed were Joe Dispenza videos. Eventually, I felt his voice was too intense for my style.

I wrote about the way Self Care Meditation And Immunity work together.
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Tera & Bronwen Talk About This Topic

These two ladies have a wealth of insight on how to learn to be still. Tera takes us through a body scan type of guided meditation. Bronwen offers some additional ways to becoming still. I appreciate hearing their points of view!

How Can I Learn To Be Still?

Here’s What I Do As I Learn To Be Still

As of right now, my favorite way to meditate involves a couple of steps:

  • Spending 7-20 minutes in quieting my mind. I usually listen to a nature track, such as Forest Sounds. This is my most challenging step, because my mind is ready to jump around.
  • Then I take about 15 minutes to meditate upon songs or recordings of Bible passages. My current passages are Psalm 91 and Ephesians 6.
  • Finally, I select a Bible verse for the day and pray.

This is my morning routine of becoming still. I often find that new inspirational concepts and new action steps take shape after I am done.

When I skip my morning meditation, the day is less productive. Or I find myself scattered and irritable.

God created us to have quiet times. He know that in those quiet moments, we can do our best attention to His special message.

God created us to have quiet times. He know that in those quiet moments, we can do our best attention to His special message. This is why we need to learn to be still.

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