The Love and Logic Parenting Style goes hand in hand with Positive Parenting. Our Children are God’s Children. They were sent here to Earth, and entrusted to us. We are to raise them in LOVE. Love is unselfish, Love is Kind, Love is everlasting.

Love and Logic Parenting, is about speaking to the child’s heart, through their mind; By bringing yourself down to their level, taking a knee with them and looking in their eyes. It’s about being INTENTIONAL about your communication with them, and earnestly seeking their trust and respect.

Safe-Guard Them

It is safe-guarding their heart, and being the rock they cling to, in an already un-forgiving world.

We as Parents aren’t always perfect, but we know that even though we make mistakes, we can always turn over a new leave, moment by moment, and day by day. Parents can exemplify what it’s like to embrace mistakes, own them, forgive ourselves and pick ourselves up to press forward.

By setting the example, we give the same grace to our children, and raise them to always do their best. This teaches them to do, and never give up. Although mistakes and trials can be hard, can burn, the experiences refine us. Like a diamond in a refiners fire, we can choose our shape, not by the trials we are given, but how we respond when we fall, or when we are burned.

Love and Logic Parenting

Love and Logic Parenting means being the learning vessel for your child. Transporting them from their infancy into their adulthood, with love; while growing them into the people that GOD intended them to be. Use reason to help them understand their feelings and the world around them. Mold them into a beautiful wonder piece of art, as individuals.

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Maegan Shoemaker
Parent-Child Relationship Mentor
Homesteading Mother of 4 (and 3 in heaven)

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