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Myths About Sunscreen And Other Surprises

Myths About Sunscreen And Other Surprises

Myths About Sunscreen and other surprises are important to recognize. This article is pretty controversial and jaw-dropping. Get ready! Here we go!

Do you understand the WHY and HOW involved in sunscreen? If we are going to spend money on sunscreens, and spread it all over our bodies, we need to understand more about it. I mean, WHY do something, if you don’t know all the impacts of doing it?!

One of my friends recently sent me this video. Andreas Moritz talks about sunscreen – the good and the bad parts of using it. I knew a little of this info, and what I learned here helped me understand it deeper. Andreas is a natural health expert, with over 40 years experience. He is a medical intuitive; a practitioner of Ayurveda, iridology, shiatsu, and vibrational medicine; a writer; and an artist. When Andreas Mortiz explains it, all the pieces fit together to make the sunscreen puzzle form a beautiful picture.

The Myths About Sunscreen are eye opening.
The Surprises About Sunscreen can change our lives.

Myths About Sunscreen That I Like

Myth – The Sun Will Give Us Skin Cancer. Andreas says “lack of sun will give you skin cancer”.

Myth – UVB rays give us cancer. Andreas says it’s not UVB. Instead, he says UVA rays give us skin cancer. Many sunscreens block out UVB, which means you don’t tan. Sunscreen often blocks the signal that our skin is getting too much sun.

Myth – It is good to prevent tanning. When we tan safely, our body produces Vitamin D.

Myth – Cancer is unpreventable. Believe it or not, exposure to the sun can actually HELP prevent many kinds of cancer.

The Surprises I Like In This Video

Surprise – Sunscreens can block our access to Vitamin D

Surprise – When we are Vitamin D deficient, our risk for cancer goes up. Any kind of cancer. Andreas says a majority of cancer cases can be avoided when we have enough Vitamin D. He refers to a Crighton University study.

Surprise -“The best sunscreen is a good tan.” if we increase our sun exposure over time, we start tanning. Andreas talks about how people nearest the equator get lots of sun, yet have lowest skin cancer rates. He also points to much higher cancer rates in areas where people get a lot less sun exposure.

Surprise – The greater amount of cancer diagnoses occur in the Winter in places where sun exposure is lower.

Surprise – Sunscreens can add to the risk of cancer, due to all the cancer-causing chemicals in the sunscreen. These ingredients would be dangerous if included in our food….The health agencies would shut down a food plant like this. BUT these same agencies consider it safe for us to spread these ingredients on our skin. “These chemicals are extremely absorbable. They enter the bloodstream. Where do they go? They go to the liver. And then the liver has to break them down. Well, that overtaxes the liver.” These chemicals can saturate under the skin and cause cancer.

Surprise – Sunscreens are now a cause of skin cancer, because people are slathering it on their skin. And they absorb that stuff.

Surprise – When we use soap to wash sunscreens off, we wash off all the Vitamin D that may have been created on the skin. “When you use soap after being in the sun…with sunscreen or without…. make sure you limit soap exposure to the skin.

Surprise – Vitamin D remains on the skin quite awhile. When you are in the sun, your skin produces Vitamin D, which can sit on the surface of the skin for up to 48 hours. It is gradually absorbed.

Surprise – Bathing with soap actually reduces newly produced Vitamin D on the skin. Soap can strip off the beneficial bacteria that keeps skin healthy. This type of bacteria works well with Vitamin D. So you don’t want to wash it off with soap that strips the skin surface. Limit soap usage to hands, underarms, and your private parts following sun exposure. (I don’t use soap on my body AT ALL).

My Personal Experiences with Sunscreen Myths

I used to go to a Kinesiologist /Chiropractor for my natural health maintenance. (He has moved to another state, so I don’t get to be his patient any more.)

At one point, the Kinesiologist /Chiropractor told me I needed to take a Vitamin D supplement, because I was showing signs of deficiency. He said, “If you get enough sun, you won’t need a supplement.”

I bet you can guess what my next comment was. “Well, won’t I need a sunscreen, in order to prevent skin cancer? Which sunscreen should I use?”

This Kinesiologist /Chiropractor has a wry humor. He gave me a facial expression that implied, “DUH!” He said, “You don’t need any sunscreen. Just get about 20 minutes of sun each day.”

I pressed him a bit further on sunscreen. Finally he said, “If you want to use SOMETHING, just use Griffin Remedy Body Lotion. That is all the sun protection you need IF you are getting 20 minutes of sun.” Griffin Remedy has a few fragrances of lotion, and he said that doesn’t matter.

This was great news for me! I have had a long distaste for sunscreens. Either the ingredients kick up my allergies, or I am greasy and sweaty all day. The big takeaway I gained was to know the facts and myths about sunscreen.

So that is what I do nowadays. I WILL wear sunscreen when we have a big day on the jeep trail. And at those moments, I pick the healthiest sunscreen I can find. See this article for ingredients to avoid in sunscreens.

“Don’t beat yourself up for what you couldn’t do, or didn’t do. Just do the best you can now, now, and now.”
― Akiroq Brost

This is the way I strive to live the lifestyle of a Chemical Minimalist. I truly try to find the most simple ways to handle life’s tasks. Sometimes the investigation is a bit of work. But I LOVE the results in finding simple solutions that reduce toxins in my life.

Enjoy your healthy life!

Pam Schmidt

Chemical Minimalist

Mindfulness Mentor
P.S. Get the support you need to get things rearranged and reduce the chemicals in your home, food, cleaning supplies, and healthy supplements. Request a private consultation with me.

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