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Life Can Be Overwhelming but, it’s not depression (Part 2)

Overwhelm Can Sometimes Feel Like Depression (Part 2)

Being a natural empath, these emotions/energies I’m experiencing can actually not even be my own, but someone else’s, or even the collective! Because this year has been hard on all of us, I feel the convergence of everyone’s anxiety, sorrow and grief quite often. It has required that I sleep more so that I can process these emotions and energies. It has also shown me that I need to take even better care of myself and be more diligent in following my own joyful life blueprint and practice more earnestly what I preach. It has also shown me that these tools I teach are very powerful and effective when used regularly.

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Manifesting Miracles – Purpose and Goals

Yesterday I got a text about Purpose… goal setting… manifesting miracles… you know, the stuff every personal development person on the planet talks about literally all the time. 😉 And something struck me. Why? Why do they talk about that literally all the time? I saw a glimmer (or maybe a starburst!) of why this topic is in everyone’s eyes, in the scriptures, over the pulpit etc. etc. and yet… there is something that seems to be very confused, and that’s what I want to try to clear up in this article.

What’s missing?