I know my parenting style, do you know yours? The following 9 parenting styles will help give you a clue as to: where you have been, are, and are going. There are Pros and Cons in each category, things to take away and learn from, and things to embrace. Before giving you a brief description of each one, I want to admit that there are many of these that I am intimately familiar with. I have seen many of them manifested in families close to me, and in my own.

You are so powerful. Your mind is a wonderful thing. Make YOUR MIND up, and move on… keeping your goal always in sight.

Take me for example, I fit mostly into the Positive parenting style. But at first, practicing that style, seemed superficial, and fake. I often felt like an actor on stage, putting on a smiling performance for my children. But the take away… they see me as a happy person. And they do their best to emulate that as well.

Practice Manifests Reality


PRACTICE (even though it may feel strange and uncomfortable) to be that parent you want your children to see. SEE, truly through their eyes, how they view you. That consistent practice becomes your new Reality. Practice manifests your new truth.

Parenting Style Disclaimer:

Before I go into the parenting style descriptions, I need you to know, despite how they sound, and the judgement you may feel. These styles all have Pros and Cons. So, they should be looked at from an objective point of view. As much as possible anyway…

Just because you find yourself in one of these categories, and might not like it, IT DOESN’T MEAN you have to stay in that category as a parent.

T.V. Babysitter

Parent Style: This parent generally gets unbalanced amounts of self-time, spoils their children, may or may not be messy, and usually is an extrovert/socializer. (Click HERE for more information)
T.V. Babysitter

Pros: Putting the children in front of the T.V. allows you the chance to do other things.

Cons: These children don’t get to learn how to socialize with others efficiently, problem solve, or bond with other family members. They are also less capable of creative thinking, and are generally over stimulated, resulting in many anger issues, aggressive behavior and disobedience.

Take Away: Your children will mimic who they are around more. IF you want them to be like you, then spend the most time with them. Even over their friends, school, tv etc.

Control Freak (Drill Sgt.)

Parent Style: This parent may or may not have self-time, is a perfectionist, usually likes to be in control, very tidy, and is usually introverted, they also may exhibit underlying anger issues. (Click HERE for more information)
Control Freak

Pros: The house, is usually organized and tidy, there might even be a schedule to abide by.

Cons: Children react in one of two ways, they either become controlling and angry themselves, or they try to escape the controlling parent by adopting other negative behaviors.

Take Away: Having order in the home is essential, because chaos begets chaos. However, expecting perfection isn’t realistic. You must find a balance.

People Pleaser

Parent Style: This parent usually doesn’t have self-time, spends a lot of time doing service (to family or community), likes to do things for the children all the time to “help”, can either be tidy or messy, and is introverted or extroverted, they may let their children take advantage of them, spoil their children or victimize themselves frequently. (Click HERE for more Information)
People Pleaser

Pros: This parent is in touch with peoples needs, and would find it easier to connect with their children emotionally.

Cons: With no balance for taking care of themselves, they are teaching their children not to set healthy boundaries, and essentially taking away their children ability to do things for themselves.

Take Away: Though this person has the best of intentions in mind, the children generally grow up without a healthy self image, have trouble setting and maintaining boundaries, and lack the basic skills necessary to enhance society as adults.

Parent Trap

Parent Style: This parent usually has plenty of self-time, compares themselves to others, seeks attention on social media and is constantly on their device. Can be unfocused, messy or tidy, can exhibit mood swings or depression caused by low feelings of self worth. They may feel like they are in a “rut”. (Click HERE for more Information)
Parent Trap

Pros: This parent has a very diverse way of parenting, and extra self time.

Cons: Children may feel disconnected from their parent. They may exhibit the same mood swing behavior, or mimic the parent by also being on their devices. They usually develop low feelings of self worth.

Take Away: When children don’t have your focus and attention, they seek it in negative ways. They view your relationship with them as wonderful, no matter what the world would suggest.

Positive Parent

Parent Style: This parent may or may not have self-time, is in control, can be messy or tidy, they are introverted or extroverted, they are motivating, reinforcing of good behaviors and are usually stable and predictable. This is my personal favorite parenting style. (Click HERE, for more information)
Positive Parent

Pros: Children in this house hold are usually the most ready to contribute to society. They are thoughtful, kind, and giving, while more balanced.

Cons: This parent has to be extra diligent and focused to stay ahead in reinforcement. Its so rewarding, but not for the unmotivated.

Take Away: This is the best parenting style to choose if you want your over all parenting experience to be joyous, and want respect from your children.

Helicopter Parent

Parent Style: This parent is usually overly involved in their children lives. They are usually social, may be tidy or messy, doesn’t often get self-time, and is usually highly stressed. (Click HERE for more information)
Helicopter Parent

Pros: This parent is usually intuitive and can read people really well. They are also giving and may identify as a people pleaser.

Cons: They often complete projects/tasks for their kids and in general do most things for them, so the children never experience failure or frustration.

Take Away: Coddling the children creates a dependency or unhealthy co-dependancy, resulting in children who are high maintenance, and often fail to “leave the nest”.

The Best Friend

Parent Style: This parent is usually pretty relaxed with their kids, they generally an extrovert and social. They may be tidy or messy, has adequate amounts of self-time, and lacks the ability to “enforce” consequences. (Click HERE for more information)
Best Friend Parent

Pros: This person is usually kind and reinforcing, and usually has the ability to positively encourage and motivate children.

Cons: Playing alongside the children, but not “disciplining” or “enforcing” can lead to disrespect from the children to the parent.

Take Away: There is a balance in all things to be found. Although you get along with children, they also need you setting and reinforcing boundaries. This develops a healthy respect towards you, and they look up to you more as a role-model.

Athletic Parent

Parent Style: This parent spends excessive amounts of time with self or exercising. They tend to lean controlling or perfectionist in nature, are usually organized, (can be messy if they are very unbalanced) and may be unpredictably angry. (Click HERE for more information)
Athletic Parent

Pros: This family usually enjoyed health and wellness.

Cons: When it is unbalanced, the children in the home may feel neglected, or they can mimic the parents, and have image issues and obsessive tendancies.

Take Away: Health and wellness is crucial, but try to fit it in with your family in a balanced way, that leaves no one feeling left out or alone with responsibility.

Absent Parent

Parent Style: This parent is usually absent from the home. Or if they are home, they may be extremely unavailable. They are generally messy, but can be introverted or extroverted. They are usually hands off and have anger issues. (Click HERE for more information)
Absent Parent

Pros: This behavior is self serving and usually only benefits the Parent.

Cons: Children suffer the most in this category, because they are seeking a role model and don’t have one. Not having a parent in their lives, creates anger, resentment, loneliness, negative attention seeing behaviors towards others, and eventually many of the children are lost in addictions as well.

Take Away: If this is you, please get help before you lose your family and cause generations behind you to suffer.

Children are born sweet, innocent and pure. They desire nothing more, than to please. They are easily motivated, and kind. Any negative behaviors they have, they are mimicking from what they see. If you can observe which kind of parent you are, and where you want to be. Then you are already on a path of healing and happiness.

Take a minute to read this, and observe.

Then, change the world with me.

Maegan Shoemaker

Minimization Consultant

Parent-Child Relationship Mentor

Homesteading Consultant

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