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Parenting Tips: How Can I Show My Kids I Love Them?

Need any parenting tips about how to show your kids you love them? Ask them!! They are intuitive and are bursting with ideas or memories to help you refine how you show love to them.

Parenting Tips: Kids Love Languages Favorites

I just asked my kiddos, and they gave me a myriad of answers, which I will now break down into categories. I find it so interesting how these categories seem to match up with “The 5 Love Languages” book, written for adults.

Physical Touch

The first, and one they unanimously voted was the best way trto show them love, was by snuggling them. They all agreed that Mama snuggles were the best, and if they cold “nuggle” me all day, that’s all they would want to do. Physical Touch is a big one for kids. It is incredible how much you can encourage children with a pat on the back, a hug, or even a wink of approval.

Taking time with each one of my kids, to pull them close and stroke their hair, makes each one of them melt. I try to do this at least once a day with all of them. More often than that encourages even better behavior, so see how many times you can fit in a quick hug, pat on the back or a wink. (In catch myself winking at adults too, because the habit is so engrained in me ;))) A little awkward when they don’t know what to make of it, but adults need encouragement too, right? LOL, ok, back to the parenting tips…

Quality Time

The next most popular item on the list was spending time doing things with them. Quality time is another love language and is huge for kids. Playing Mancala, coloring with them, doing arts and crafts and taking time to teach them, were all top of the list examples.

My children are very inquisitive, and they are incessantly playing the “ask 1000 questions” game. Especially as I am driving, which’s keeps me alert, and I also get to add it to their homeschooling time, so I’m cool with it. I always indulge, even when the questions are outlandish or theoretical, the kids love when I hear and honor them, and they learn how I process information. Smarties.

Acts of Service

They also expressed that they feel love by how much I do for them. This is love through acts of service. Examples they gave were: dishes, laundry, cleaning the house and keeping a roof over their heads.

As adults, we think of these things as the daily grind, but we don’t realize that they feel love from us even when we do these things for them. So next time you do the dishes, smile and think of those little hands that will be picking food off the plate in a few short hours, they are watching you.

Words of Affirmation

Next, they all emphasized how nice I am to them. This love is felt through words of affirmation. All children love when you speak softly to them. If they are loud, speak quietly, just above a whisper, and they will quiet to hear what you say. I want you to test this.

Find the next child that yells (across the house or at each other) and go to them. Whisper something sweet to them, and continue to whisper every time they reply. If If you do this correctly, you will either see their countenance change, as they desire to be closer to you, or they will confide in you more, and open up. Be sincere here. Guard their trust as they have a heart to heart conversation with you.

Gift Giving

Lastly, because they barely touched on it, they said they feel love from me when I give them things. This is the gift giving love language; Instead of getting toys for their birthdays, we gift experiences, yet they are always grateful for what we give them. For my eldest daughters latest birthday, we took her out to eat at a restaurant named Sweet Pea, because that is her nickname, and has been since she was a baby. She was so touched, and still mentions it to people even half a year later.

Gifts don’t have to be expensive, or a tangible object either. The smallest, and sweetest gifts are often the most memorable.

The children love to pick me wildflower bouquets, and so when I see a flower, I like to take turns and gift it to each child. Their faces light up and they just love it, it fills me with joy…. such a simple thing. It’s these things that they referenced, they remember, and love being thought about.

You will use these parenting tips over and over!

Keep these handy, because as your children grow, you will learn to listen to their language. Through observing what they focus on, and how they treat you when they are showing love, you will be able to interpret the ways that they feel love in return. Most people have some element of all of these, but there are usually one or two that are more prevalent than the rest.

Best parenting tips : PAY ATTENTION, and give them SNUGGLES. You don’t want to miss out on your kids.

Let’s change the world together, #YouGOTthis.

I believe in you.

Maegan Shoemaker
Parent-Child Relationship Mentor
Homesteading Mother of 4 (and 3 in heaven)

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