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Pine Needle Tea Health Benefits

Pine Needle Tea Health Benefits

Pine Needle Tea Health Benefits is a new concept for me. Have you ever heard about this remedy? When I found out the numerous potential health benefits from this concoction, I started searching around my neighborhood for pine trees. hahahaha!

The needles from many types of pine trees contain loads of Vitamin C. In fact, it has more Vitamin C than orange juice. This tea is also rich with Vitamin A. Native Americans taught early European settlers to use this remedy to treat scurvy, which is a deadly disease resulting from lack of Vitamin C. You see, after the settlers sailed across the ocean, with basically dried beef jerky and old dried out bread rolls, they were extremely deficient in vitamins needed from fresh veggies. I know THAT much from my past experiences as a fifth grade teacher and my American History lessons. But I NEVER EVER heard anything about pine needle tea for scurvy.

Let’s Look At the Health Benefits In Pine Needle Tea

Pine Needle Tea is another way to boost our immunity. Here are 5 Key Steps to Boosting Our Immunity.

  1. It’s chock full of Vitamin C (5 times more concentrated that what’s in lemons)
  2. It helps relieve ailments like heart disease, varicose veins, skin issues, and fatigue
  3. It boosts the immune system in fighting illness and infections
  4. It’s got high levels of Vitamin A, helping eyesight, improving hair & skin, improves red blood cell production
  5. It can be an expectorant for coughs, relieves chest congestion, and soothes sore throat
  6. It helps promote mental clarity and clear thinking
  7. It boosts emotions, to help with depression
  8. It helps with allergies
  9. It is a mild diuretic which aids in controlling high blood pressure
  10. It has a high amount of antioxidants, which reduce free radicals that cause disease
  11. It can help slow the aging process
  12. It smells delightful and tastes pretty mild

Pine Needle Tea also contains Suramin, which is used to treat human sleeping sickness, onchocerciasis and other diseases caused by worms. Some research indicates it can help with symptoms of autism, COVID, and “shedding” from the COVID experimental injection. I’d recommend conducting your own search with the following phrases:

  • Suramin
  • Pine Needle Tea and Suramin
  • Suramin and COVID

Steps To Make Pine Needle Tea

Pine Needle Tea Can Be Dehydrated for the Future

Do you live in a forest of pine trees? If yes, then you have a ready supply of needles available year round. I don’t live in a forest. The only pine needles for tea around me are neighborhood trees. My next door neighbor has pine trees which he faithfully prunes a couple of times per year. So the next time he gets to pruning, I will be out scavenging.

Pine Needle Tea Health Benefits can be accessed year-round if you know how to harvest and dehydrate the needles. Did you see this lady’s little kit of the pruning shears and her Stanley coffee press? I need to do that!

How Can Pine Affect The Emotions?

You know me – I like to search for the Mindful impact of natural remedies. So what about pine? Well, of course pine can connect with our happy memories of Christmas trees or walks in the forest. But there is more, because pine offers other emotional benefits:

  • clarifies thoughts
  • enhances concentration
  • uplifts our mood
  • clears away stresses
  • invigorates our system
  • eliminates fatigue
  • promotes positive outlook

“Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.”
-John Muir

I believe that taking care of my body in the most natural way possible is a doorway to a new world.
Are you ready to step through that doorway too?

Enjoy your healthy life!

Pam Schmidt

Chemical Minimalist

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