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Podcast Episodes Showcase! In Case You Missed It

Podcase episodes showcase

We have some amazing podcast episodes that happens weekly.

I’ve been a little behind on posting the Inspired Healers Podcast on this blog, so let’s do a Podcast Episodes Showcase today!

We are up to Episode 10 and we’ve had some amazing guests record with me over the past month, so we have juicy stuff coming up as well.

You can access the YouTube channel where we house our podcast HERE.

One thing I’ve noticed as I’ve hosted these podcasts is that it’s all pointed to one thing: health, well-being, and whole prosperity.

I think of prosperity as whole because it’s certainly not a word that is designated to money. Let’s look at the definition.


PROS’PERverb transitive [Latin prospero, from prosperus, from the Gr. to carry to or toward; to bear.] To favor; to render successful.

All things concur to prosper our design.

PROS’PERverb intransitive To be successful; to succeed.

The Lord made all that he did to prosper in his hand. Genesis 39:3.

He that covereth his sins, shall not prosper Proverbs 28:13.

1. To grow or increase; to thrive; to make gain; as, to prosper in business. Our agriculture, commerce and manufactures now prosper

Doesn’t that change your perspective a little?!

I love it.

One mentor walks you through removing chemicals from your life so you can reclaim your good health. So many of us suffer from headaches and other more serious conditions – her husband contracted tuberculosis! And she did what she needed to do to reduce chemicals in their life to help his physical health prosper.

One mentor helps people use Yoga to support their body to reduce physical depression and anxiety. So many people, especially moms, have a tough time carving out time to support themselves this way. Body work is so important!

One mentor has a focus on parenting with a homesteading focus. Back to basics to give children a solid, moral foundation that will carry them through so they can be the statesmen of the future and help our country prosper.

I’ve got so many more mentors in our podcast episodes!

I’m going to post the podcast episodes right here so that you can take a gander at what floats your boat today.

I’m so excited to share out podcast episodes with you!

Get out there and inspire someone today!

Bronwen Oehlschlager
Promoter of Healers and Coaches
Pollyanna Attitude Proponent
Singer of Happy Songs

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Bronwen Oehlschlager

Hi, I'm Bronwen.

I own and operate the Shayoli Hope Center for Healing in Utah County. I work together with an independent team of collaborators who have messages that I find valuable for whole healing and prosperity.

At Shayoli Hope we are dedicated to bringing healing, hope, and prosperity to God-centered, awakened souls. That means we keep our focus on Christ and God the Father in all of our work together. We believe that in our healing process, we are finding the wheat, and gathering up the tares to burn.

Burning the tares means awareness of what we have believed that hurts (tares), making a new decision to believe something that serves us better (wheat), and collecting the tares, in full awareness, to purge them from the harvest so that we can live free and abundant in wholeness.

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