Rejuvenated On A Roadtrip?

Rejuvenated On A Road Trip? I don’t know about you.

But our road trips are rarely the RESTFUL kind of Rejuvenating.

These trips are often inspiring and tiring.

Rejuvenated On A Road Trip?
Rejuvenated On A Road Trip?

Earlier this month, I got to participate in the Rejuvenate YOU event in Murray, UT.  What an inspirational time it was for me! I got to:

  • Learn more about looking at myself the way God does
  • Find connections with others there.  Some were new friends, yet with very little conversation, we established a deep connection
  • Find out the beautiful ways others have found joy in the midst of struggles
  • Found some new core healing methods for our family
  • Laugh & play like I did when I was 5 years old. 
  • Look myself in the eyes (with the photo above) and feel a love for exactly WHO I am!

I have been basking in the many new things I learned and felt while at this event. Bronwen and Tera recently spoke about Why Is Having Fun Important?

I Gotta Tell Other Part of This Trip

It was DARN HARD!  
My beloved Husband, Kell, had been burdened with a horrendous cough for the 5 weeks prior (and during this trip).  He lovingly drove me to Utah, because he was determined that I would keep my committment to be there. 

Every night, Kell would awaken to a 3 AM coughing fit… convulsive and often bringing him to near fainting.  I had tried every remedy and treatment that I could think of.  I was begging God for more solutions.

We upgraded our hotel room to a suite, so Kell could have a stove for steaming salt water, and could have a couch to sit upon.  We were both absolutely exhausted.  

In those 5 weeks, Kell had gone through an ER visit, x-rays, rescue inhalers, nebulizers, antibiotics, nutritionist treatments, chiropractic appointments, and a load of natural treatments. 

At one point, Kell said, “I am starting to wonder if I have cancer or something.”  

NO!  We had already seen him through Tuberculosis 30 years ago!  
And YES, we had already eliminated the possibiility that this current situation was not a recurrance.

Rejuvenated On A Road Trip?
He was too exhausted to smile. I was putting on a happy face

If We Had Stayed Home, We Would’ve Missed the Rejuvenation Solution

I finally got to meet another sponser at this event.  MarLeice Hyde and I had messaged prior to the event, preparing for our roles as sponsors. 

NOW I met MarLeice! I described Kell’s health struggles.  She offered to help treat him with Micro Current therapy.  

When Kell got his first treatment (after our Rejuvenate session on Thursday) he felt like he could breathe easier.  He got a second treatment on Friday, and felt a bit more relief.  

We got back home in California, and set up an appointment with MarLeice to help Kell some more.  Thank goodness, she is only 3.5 hours away from our home.  We found such a wonderful way of healing Kell, by using the Micro Current Therapy we learned about while at Rejuvenate YOU. 

I honestly feel like our whole trip was in God’s plan, in order to help us find a healing treatment.  And it fits so well with my intention to reduce toxins, this time related to prescription medicines that may have side effects. 

I’m ALREADY getting plans together for the NEXT Rejuvenate YOU 
Event in Provo…. March 2-4 in Provo.

God Has Rejuvenated My Mission

God Has Rejuvenated My Mission

During this trip, I have experienced a deeper call to Reduce Toxins in everyday life.

We have SO many new chemicals showing up in our cleaning, cosmetic, and food items.  

We sometimes know better than to use these things.
BUT it is so overwhelming, that we just let it go.

And for some of us, we believe we have done SOME things to reduce toxins, and it is just to hard to figure out what to do next. 

I would LOVE to help you figure out some swaps and next steps! 

Let’s block out some time on our calendars. We can chat about an area of life that you would like to make a couple of healthy changes within. 

IF you were at this recent Rejuvenate YOU event, I gave you a promo code for the Personal Consultation. 

Even if you weren’t at the event, this Personal Consultation is reasonably priced, fun and easy.  

Take a look at what is included in a Personal Consultation.

God has given us a precious gift of a healthy body.

Let’s do everything we can to honor and enjoy this gift.

Pam Schmidt

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