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Relationships Can Create Safety and Stability

Relationships are essential for our human experience.

Human beings have an inherent drive to connect and to experience relationships with one another. God created us to be relational beings. When Adam was created, the first thing God noticed was that it wasn‘t good for him to be alone. We need someone to be a partner with, to work together with, and to be connected to. It helps us to build a richer, fuller, more connected life. 

Relationships can create safety and stability for us, we learn about ourselves and how to communicate with others. We learn how to trust, face challenges and hardship, what it feels like to count on someone, and even how to connect with God.

How are you connected?  

The closer we are to others, the happier, more emotionally stable, and more personally satisfied we are.  Relationships include not only our families, and groups of personal friends, but also larger communities that we belong to. These communities can include people who have common experiences, interests, goals and beliefs. 

These relationships help us group or link others together in groups. They help us to know we belong somewhere and have a place in the world. That knowledge that we belong and have a place is essential to our emotional well being and mental health. Without connection, we wouldn’t feel a drive to be a part of something even bigger than ourselves.

Being in relation to someone helps us see clearly, connect to ourselves and others. 

Relationships can feel like an experiment in self awareness. As we see the things we say and do and how those around us react, we are about to see ourselves better. And even though it isn’t our job to “make” others feel a certain way or bend to our will,  the things we say and do affect those around us. I talked a bit about how my family of origin helped me learn about relationships in my article last week. Each of our relationships generate different responses in ourselves that help us to grow and learn about ourselves. 

Being in relationships with others has benefits too. 

We are social and relational creatures. As we create intimate connected relationships, we experience benefits to our mental and emotional lives. They create physical and emotional reactions in our bodies. Those in healthy relationships live longer, learn how to deal with stress and emotion, have better physical health, and cultivate a rich meaningful life.

A close connection can be a lifeline when you are going through a hard time, facing a trial, or just need support. A good relationship can offer support like someone to talk to or relate to about what you are going through. Being with others helps you feel less alone. Knowing that others can either relate to what you are going through, or that they care enough to sit with you even if they haven’t ever experienced it, takes your mind off of your own problems for a while.

Men and women have different needs from their relationships, so stay tuned because we are going to talk about that next week!

Enjoy your beautiful life!

Tera Brown
Tera Brown

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