Self Care Meditation And Immunity Pt. 1

Self Care Meditation can boost our immunity, strengthening our ability to stay healthy. There are many ways we can look after ourselves – ways that help us stay strong and healthy. “Self Care” is the many things we do to help ourselves spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Do you ever take some time to take care of yourself? Meditation is one of the important self care activities that help to boost all three areas.

So let’s look a bit at Meditation, and the way it can impact our health.

Why Does Self Care Meditation Matter? Is This Just For Woo Woo Weirdos?

There are SO many ways to take care of yourself by using meditation! Some are still and quiet, while others can be done more actively. You don’t need to be a Woo Woo Weirdo to use it. Meditation exercises can as simple as performing deep breathing. Basically ANY activity that helps to quiet your mind is great.

The big point in meditation is to reduce the buzz of the inner chatter, mental self-judgement, and repetitive thoughts. It is a way to learn to control our wandering minds. The mind LOVES to wander! Have you noticed that fact?

Why is it important to quiet the mind? It allows us to get the clear-headed ability to notice things surrounding us.

Most important for me – it allows me to focus upon God, to notice His promptings, to see His creative work.

When I do this, I quickly experience the following contrasts:

What Are Some Meditation Activities?

Again, these meditation activities have a main focus, which is to quiet and reign in the mind. This is best done as a daily activity, just like physical exercise routines. (If you don’t exercise daily, add that routine too!)

You can select a meditation exercise to fit the activities of your day OR to suit your personality. Meditation can be performed while walking, sitting, or lying down. Set aside 10 minutes as you first practice this routine.

So here are some ways to get started with meditation:

  • Deep Breathing Exercises-draw attention to the body filling with the inhale, emptying with the exhale. Not sure if this seems Biblical? Check out 2 Timothy 3:16, Genesis 2:7, John 20:22, Job 7:16
  • Guided Imagery or Visualization (use Bible passages such as Psalm 23, Psalm 91, or Ephesians 6)
  • Focused Attention Meditation- remain in the present, but focus wholly on one thing, typically sensory stimulus like sounds, visual items, tactile sensations, tastes, smells. (I practice listening.)
  • Body Scan-start with relaxing the toes, the legs, torso, and move up through each body part
  • Walking Meditation – use the 5 senses to become aware of surroundings, breathing, noticing your thoughts, forgiveness
  • Yoga/Tai Chi-focus upon breathing and the body senses
  • Mindfulness – noticing thoughts/feelings without judgement, asking God for His promptings

Guided Meditation For God’s Children

Sometimes the best “first steps” into meditation is to follow a guided meditation. And I know – as a Christian, it is important to make sure you do it in a way that honors God. So using meditation to focus upon God’s faithfulness, provision, salvation, and love is a fantastic way to meditate. This video talks about meditating upon God’s Word, and covers some satisfying verses:

Just one more video about meditation for Christians. This one jumps right into the activity by gently reading Bible verses. It is soothing and helps direct our attention to God.

We are living through challenging times. We see it in the news, and in our community. These events can be extremely unsettling. Worry and fear cause a huge negative impact upon our health. It is easy for our immune systems to falter as an effect of living in fear. Heart, immunity, nervous system, digestive system and others body functions will decline if we live in a constant state of fear.

THIS is why I am writing about meditation today. It may seem unrelated to reducing toxins and Chemical Minimalism. Yet handling fearful emotions is a foundational part of living a happy, healthy life.

God knows our hearts. God knows our bodies. He knows what we need and provides for everything we need.

Do you need meditation? Do you practice meditation?

Coach Tera wrote about Emotional Sobriety. Learning to handle our fearful heart is emotional sobriety. Read about what Tera says.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13

It’s my hope today’s article helps you to Enjoy Your Healthy Life!

Pam Schmidt

Chemical Minimalist

Mindfulness Mentor
P.S. Get the support you need to get things rearranged and reduce the chemicals in your home, food, cleaning supplies, and healthy supplements. Request a private consultation with me.

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