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Food Coloring Chemicals

Food Coloring Chemicals What ARE They?

Food Coloring Chemicals – What Are They? Are they something I can eat and still be healthy? Food dyes really ARE ingredients to become aware of to protect our health.

Why Do Artificial colors/food dyes matter? They are made from petroleum chemicals. Gasoline, tar, asphalt, diesel fuel all have a common connection with these food additives. Even though there ARE natural ways to make food coloring (beets, onions, plants), it is cheaper for food manufacturers to use synthetic, petroleum based additives. 
That is a BIG pile of stuff to worry about!

What Is Stressed Gut?
Chemical Minimalism Everything We Have Pam Schmidt

What Is Stressed Gut?

What is stressed gut? Is it “butterflies in the tummy” that happen before you do a presentation in front of an audience or walk up on stage? Or is it something else?

Is stressed gut a permanent issue? Or can something be changed?

This is a type of gut issue that shows up with specific symptoms, personality type, ways to heal, and foods to avoid. So the good news is that stressed gut CAN be changed!

How Do I Know If I Have Stressed Gut?