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Rejuvenated On A Road Trip?

Rejuvenated On A Roadtrip?

Rejuvenated On A Road Trip? I don’t know about you…
But our road trips are rarely the RESTFUL kind of Rejuvenating. These trips are often inspiring and tiring.
Earlier this month, I got to participate in the Rejuvenate YOU event in Murray, UT.  What an inspirational time it was for me! I got to:
Learn more about looking at myself the way God does. Find connections with others there Some were new friends, yet with very little conversation, we established a deep connection. Find out the beautiful ways others have found joy in the midst of struggles. Found some new core healing methods for our family. Laugh play like I did when I was 5 years old Look myself in the eyes (with the photo above) and feel a love for exactly WHO I am!

I have been basking in the many new things I learned and felt while at this event

Food Coloring Chemicals What ARE They?
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Food Coloring Chemicals

Food Coloring Chemicals – What Are They? Are they something I can eat and still be healthy? Food dyes really ARE ingredients to become aware of to protect our health.

Why Do Artificial colors/food dyes matter? They are made from petroleum chemicals. Gasoline, tar, asphalt, diesel fuel all have a common connection with these food additives. Even though there ARE natural ways to make food coloring (beets, onions, plants), it is cheaper for food manufacturers to use synthetic, petroleum based additives. 
That is a BIG pile of stuff to worry about!

How Fragrance and Emotions Interact?
Chemical Minimalism Everything We Have Pam Schmidt

How Fragrance and Emotions Interact?

Let’s look at some ways healthy fragrance can affect emotions:
Fragrance boosts your confidence
Fragrance brings about a positive impression
Fragrance stimulates emotional effects in the brain
Fragrance is also known to prompt soothing, sensual stimulation, and healing processes

This is a light version of how truly natural, organic fragrance can work with emotions.

Natural is the important word here.