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Toxic Plastics – How To Avoid Them?

Toxic Plastics - How To Avoid Them?

Tips To Avoid Toxins in Plastics

Limit your exposure to BPA and BPS with a few mindful actions:

Tips To Avoid Toxins In Plastics:
Avoid plastic water bottles and opt for glass or stainless steel reusable bottles Store your food in reusable glass or stainless steel containers. Use glass bakeware instead of silicone, plastic, aluminum, and non-stick

  • Avoid plastic-lined paper cups – carry a reusable coffee cup of your choice Make your coffee in a glass french press or traditional coffee machine, skip K-cups Avoid aluminum soda and beverage cans Avoid buying plastic-packaged food.Limit using canned food. Limit/avoid touching receipts, can linings, plastic products, plastic food wrap.