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Rejuvenated On A Road Trip?

Rejuvenated On A Roadtrip?

Rejuvenated On A Road Trip? I don’t know about you…
But our road trips are rarely the RESTFUL kind of Rejuvenating. These trips are often inspiring and tiring.
Earlier this month, I got to participate in the Rejuvenate YOU event in Murray, UT.  What an inspirational time it was for me! I got to:
Learn more about looking at myself the way God does. Find connections with others there Some were new friends, yet with very little conversation, we established a deep connection. Find out the beautiful ways others have found joy in the midst of struggles. Found some new core healing methods for our family. Laugh play like I did when I was 5 years old Look myself in the eyes (with the photo above) and feel a love for exactly WHO I am!

I have been basking in the many new things I learned and felt while at this event