Target audience: How They Know You're Their Person

Knowing your target audience (I like to call them my “soul client” because that’s what they are) is such a big deal, and the lack of it is a common road block for new healers, coaches, and network marketers who are doing their best to get out there… but feel stuck because they “don’t want to leave anyone out.”

I created the video below to help you get some clarity on your soul client (target audience) so that you can speak to them confidently, create your systems specifically for reaching their goal, and get your feet under you so that you don’t feel like you have to be constantly revamping your content to try to include more people.

Trying to include more types of people in one offer is watering down the point and fewer people (especially your soul client!) will connect with you because it will seem confusing to them.

Watch this video on target audience and see if it serves you:

Your Soul Client Has a Goal!

What is your soul client out to get done?

  • Hint: It’s the exact thing you specialize in teaching them how to do!

How do they know you’re their person?

They will know you are their person because you will talk to them like you know them! You will share ideas that help them with their exact goal – you know, that goal you specialize in. And above all, they will feel that feeling that comes with the thought “I felt like you were in my head answering my exact questions!”

I hope this helped, and I hope you get out there and inspire someone today!

Bronwen Oehlschlager

Emotional Breakthrough Mentor
Monetization Coach
Inspired SalesGirl

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