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Tiny House Living: How Do Kids Do With A Tiny House

Tiny House Build

Tiny house living… With Kids? Not only can you live in a tiny house with kids, but you can ENJOY it!!! It’s easy, if you do it right. If you don’t pre-plan and stick to the plan, it can easily turn into a chaotic living environment.

Kids love what they are accustomed to, they are conditioned to adapt to their surroundings, what do you want their surroundings to be?

First things are first. Start adjusting to living tiny, even if you are living large. Living in a large home, doesn’t mean you can’t have the tiny home mindset.

Too Many Mind

How do you feel when you walk into a nice hotel room while on vacation? If your family is like mine, then half the fun is staying in the hotel itself? But when you first cross that threshold, and you are seeing the room for the first time? You set down the luggage, while the children run to explore what’s behind each door, and you notice the simplicity of the room, the white duvet and sheets on the bed, television, table, a couch with an ottoman? The simplicity of the bathroom, with a few thoughtful necessities set out for your convenience on the counter, maybe even a fridge and microwave too.

You unpack the luggage, or don’t… it IS vacation after all right!? And you take off your shoes and fall onto the bed, taking a breather at last while the children commence a game of hide and go seek. Or maybe you walk out onto the balcony and take in the view.

You are on vacation now. No clutter…. no chores….. take a deep breath…………………………………


Why do you think being in a Hotel Room brings that feeling of peace to you? You have left the mess and the clutter behind, but did you sacrifice any of your basic “NEEDS” to do it? You still have your A/C, a bed, bathroom, kitchen essentials, clothes and hygiene products… you still have everything you need while you are on vacation. And yet the decor of the room is simple.

Ok. Now you got it. Make your house feel like that hotel room. Who says you should feel that sense of peace only on vacation right? Bring it home.

The first thing you have to do when living in a tiny house with kids, is make sure there isn’t too much chaos. Minimization and tiny living go hand in hand. You aren’t sacrificing all the things you need in a home, you are just getting rid of all that you don’t need. And it feels good, focus on that feel good feeling, don’t lose it. that is your gauge for whether you have decluttered enough or whether you still have work to do.

Tiny House Expansion

Adding onto your tiny house already? Not really, with this one, I am talking about having a large enough property to roam. Kids need room to play, but why does that have to mean “inside”. They love to be outside no matter what the temperature, at least mine do. Living in a tiny house should never feel restrictive. Besides, couldn’t we all use more peace and quiet? Buy a property with enough space for them to imagine, play and create!

Floor Plan- Tiny House

Tiny House Floor Plan

Some of you may be buying something pre-manufactured. But if you are lucky, and you get to build one yourself, make sure to plan out a floor plan that works for you.

Our Living room, serves as a dining room, guest bedroom, homeschool room, linen closet, reading room, and a music room, complete with piano!!! Its dimensions…. 8×9 feet…. Does it feel tight? Nope. It fees super spacious for our family of 6. Why? Because of the planning. I planned it that way, and had my cute builder, build it for me. OKAY Okay, I helped.

Planning an open concept floor plan, makes the home feel large, but make sure to factor in all of your families needs. Living TINY doesn’t mean DOING WITHOUT.

Mind your Manners

We have 1 bathroom. And while that may seem not enough, especially if you have a teenage girl at home. It’s not difficult to acclimate a family of 6 to using 1 bathroom. The dynamic will likely change as my children get older, but for now, we let people know “Hey, I am about to shower, does anyone need a potty break before I do?” Being thoughtful and courteous is good for families to practice anyway, but this gives us an extra daily challenge and reminder to do so.

As a result, when we go other places, others are super impressed with the thoughtfulness of our children. Is it a contributing factor, probably.

There you have it! Declutter, get an appropriate sized property, plan out your floor plan wisely and practice common courtesy! Live SIMPLY and ENJOYABLY!!

You GOT this!

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