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Toxic Plastics – How To Avoid Them?

Toxic Plastics - How To Avoid Them?

Toxic Plastics – How Can We Avoid Them?

Are you discovering that plastic is EVERYWHERE?
Every single room in the home, every single item we use daily seems to involve plastic.

The more we are aware of potential health risks related to plastics, the easier it will be to avoid the nasty stuff. Make sure to watch the video at the bottom!

What Are The Toxic Plastics?

Bisphenol-A (aka BPA) is an industrial chemical used in plastics. It is added to many commercial products:

  • food containers
  • baby bottles
  • plastic water bottles
  • hygiene products

Bisphenol S (aka BPS), related to Bisphenol A/BPA.
It is an organic compound used in hard plastic and synthetic fibers.
BPS is often used as a replacement for BPA in these items:

  • Colors in fabrics
  • Food packaging preservative
  • Thermal paper cash receipts
  • Indoor dust
  • Linings of beverage and food cans 
  • Medical devices

So What’s the Concern with BPA & BPS?

Both BPA & BPS are chemicals that disrupt the endocrine system.
Please check on this article – Do Endocrine Disruptors Affect Health?

This Toxic Plastics Chemicals bring the following health risks:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Impaired Neural Function (the way the nerves communicate and work)
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Kidney disease (albuminuria)
  • Vascular disease in children
  • Fertility problems

Tips To Avoid Toxic Plastics

Limit your exposure to BPA and BPS with a few mindful actions:

  1. Avoid plastic water bottles and opt for glass or stainless steel reusable bottles
  2. Store your food in reusable glass or stainless steel containers.
  3. Use glass bakeware instead of silicone, plastic, aluminum, and non-stick
  4. Avoid plastic-lined paper cups – carry a reusable coffee cup of your choice
  5. Make your coffee in a glass french press or traditional coffee machine, skip K-cups
  6. Avoid aluminum soda and beverage cans
  7. Avoid buying plastic-packaged food.
  8. Limit using canned food
  9. Limit/avoid touching receipts, can linings, plastic products, plastic food wrap.

I love to  help you to Enjoy Your Healthy Life!

Pam Schmidt

Chemical Minimalist
Mindfulness Mentor

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