What Does Candida In Kids Look Like?

What does Candida In kids look like? Aren’t the symptoms the same for kids as they are for adults? Well, yes, the symptoms may be the same. However, there are a few differences that parents need to know about.

I’ve previously written about Candida Gut. Kids can have it too.

Candida In Kids May Look A Bit Different Than In Adults

ExhaustionOften irritable Unhappy, hard to please
Craving sweetsSymptoms worsen in damp conditions
Loss of sex driveSeems unwell yet doctors do not find anything wrong
Chronic sinus and allergy issuesRecurrent ear problems
Skin and Nail InfectionsCrown of the head and other “eczema” type skin rashes
Hormonal imbalanceColicky longer than 3 months
Urinary Tract InfectionsOral Thrush
Jock ItchFrequent and heavy diaper rash
Digestive ProblemsLearning & behavior issues

Kids can be a bit more difficult to figure out in terms of Candida. They only know they don’t feel good, but they may not be able to verbalize the problem.

Parents can easily miss the Candida connection, because they look at each symptom as a separate issue. It’s really important to “connect the dots”, because all the symptoms may be pointing to just one source.

Why Does It Matter If Candida In Kids Is Diagnosed?

First of all, How uncomfortable will your kid be if you ignore the symptoms? It could be pretty nasty and uncomfortable.

Let’s go a bit deeper. What if your kid has three of the symptoms above? Perhaps she has recurrent ear infections, lots of diaper rash, and is unhappy most of the time.  It would be easy to treat each issue as an individual ailment. If these are all tied to Candida, you can get to the core reason of these symptoms. THEN you can eliminate all three symptoms in one swoop.

Anything Else?

In addition, other health problems may develop that don’t necessarily look like Candida infection:

  • New sensitivities
  • Allergies
  • Food intolerances: dairy, eggs, corn, and gluten

First Steps Toward Controlling Kids’ Candida

Candida Overgrowth (outbreaks) typically happens in the digestive tract/mouth. Other places where Candida appears are on the skin, in ear canals, and sinus cavities.

Be Aware Of Settings That Kick Off Candida Overgrowth

Antibiotics – can kill off the beneficial bacteria that keeps Candida in check, antibiotic resistance can develop too. When antibiotics are necessary, supplement with probiotic foods like unsweetened yogurt

Oral Corticosteroids – inhalers tend to change the beneficial flora of the mouth, Candida can kick off.  Rinsing the mouth or swishing coconut oil after using inhalers can help.

Limit Sugar Intake: Juice, sugar in baby food, yogurt, baby snacks, fruit drinks, desserts and sweet bakery products

Let’s help our kids be as healthy & happy as possible.
Limit exposure to immune issues, & they are READY for a
Happy Healthy Life

pam Schmidt, Chemical Minimalist

I love to  help you to Enjoy Your Healthy Life!

Pam Schmidt

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