Yoga poses to relieve gas and bloating

As ladies, and polite humans, we tend not to want to talk about our bowels. But, I don’t care what anyone says, we get gas and there’s no shame in that! It’s a natural part of digestion. Of course, some foods tend to affect us more than others and some of us have some imbalances that cause more flatulence than others (and that need to be addressed). That’s just the way it is. But, even though it’s natural, it can be uncomfortable and even painful. So, with our tummies in mind, I’m going to share with you a few yoga poses to relieve gas and bloating.

Twisting the torso and bringing the knees into the chest as well as walking, are super helpful in digestion and gas.

Of course, as with any physical exercise, please make sure you don’t have any conditions that might be worsened by some movements. Always, always, always listen to your body and only move as far or as deep as it feels comfortable. As always, these are just suggestions, I’m not a doctor and we’re each responsible for our own health and are accountable for the results of our choices.

Without Further Ado, Here are Some Yoga Poses to Relieve Gas and Bloating:

Just remember that you can do these in any order you’d like. This is your practice you get to decide what works best for you.

Wind-Relieving/Releasing Pose (Pawanmuktasana)

1- Lay down on your back

2- Slowly bring in one knee, then the other towards your chest

3- Hug your knees and breathe into it

4- If it feels good to you, start to make circles with your knees or squeeze them closer and farther from your belly. This will help ‘break up’ the gas

5- If you can, slowly extend one leg along the floor, while hugging the other and switch back and forth as slowly or as quickly as feels good to you

Child’s Pose (Balasana)

1- From wind-releasing pose, or windshield wiper pose, gently roll over to face the ground with your knees under your body

2- Option to do regular child’s pose or extended child’s pose: arms alongside you or arms extended towards the top of the mat

3- Rest your forehead on the mat/floor or a yoga block (whichever feels best to you)

4- If you feel so inclined, find some gentle movement side to side, or a very gentle, slight bounce

You may also opt for supported balasana/child’s pose, with a pillow or bolster on your legs as pictured, if the other is too intense on your lower back.

Tip: if your knees hurt, double up your mat or place a blanket under them for some cushion.

Supine Windshield-Wiper Pose (Supta Sucirandhrasana)

1- From wind-releasing pose, bring your feet to the mat and swipe your knees back and forth like wiper blades. You can also do it as pictured with your feet off the mat, but make sure you’re engaging your lower abs if you do so and initiate the movement from your abs so you don’t hurt your back.

1- From child’s pose, gently roll over to your back and follow the directions above

2- Inhale as you swipe your knees to one side and exhale to bring them to center, inhale to the other side, etc. Do it as many times as you feel comfortable

There are More Than Just Yoga Poses to Relieve Gas and Bloating:

So, you are somewhere where you can’t really lay down and do some yoga asana, or don’t have time to? I got you. I usually tend to massage my abdomen in those circumstances. This is usually best done in the bathroom…just in case ?. Especially if you’re at work or somewhere like that.

Another great think that has helped me in the past is taking activated charcoal capsules or I take some Plexus Bio Cleanse™ with some Plexus Ease (only take the Ease™ if you’re not allergic to seafood/shellfish).

Abdominal massage alternative to yoga poses to relieve gas and bloating

1- You can either do this seated, standing, or laying down (either before or after the sequences above)

2- Starting at the upper right side of the abdominal cavity, right below your ribs, make small circles that also start at the top right towards the left

3- Keep moving your small circles leftwards, then down, then up to the bottom of your belly button, right above your pubic bone

4- Keep going as long as needed and feel free to linger in any spot that you feel might need extra attention (you’ll know what I mean as you do this).

Of course, the above poses aren’t just for when you’re in pain from gas and bloating. They’re best used frequently to keep your bowels and energy flowing optimally. Just remember that if you’re overly gassy, that may indicate an imbalance in your gut flora or that you’re eating something that may not agree with you. If you want to read a little more about how gut health can affect you, you can go here.

Enjoy your joyful life!

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